The Meaning


Decision time. Unavoidable occurrences. Dramatic climax.


Going Deeper

I don't mind the energy of Judgement too much and whilst it usually accompanies some pretty intense emotions, there is the possibility of freeing yourself from an oppressive situation that has been holding you back for too long. Judgement has a connection to the planet Pluto which is renowned for digging deep and forcing radical transformation. This is not a process that happens overnight, and a Judgement situation is no different. Often it will have been known for a while that things can't remain the way they are, but as humans, we're reluctant to allow change. This card is the sign that enough is enough, and you can either take control yourself, or the fates will intervene and force the change on you. It's always better to at least try to make the changes yourself; it's less dramatic. Judgement can mark a period where we need to retreat to the underworld and explore the deeper realms. It may be saying this is the time when nothing will grow though it does not deny fertility in the future. Sometimes when we have over planted, the ground loses fertility, and this may have happened in your life, but individual situations need to be judged on their own merits. What this card does stress is that any future growth depends on how well you navigate the realms of Judgement and it's not usually the easiest of passages. This card has a strong connection to the month of October and events that somehow relate. Frequently this card will bring up issues that you thought were long dead. There is one other telltale sign that will crop up along with this card which is the call from within. This call is very particular; it'll usually take over your whole body, and it tells you exactly what it is that you need to do. Try not to shut the inner voice out completely.


Astro Insight

The dwarf planet Pluto


Examples With Other Cards

Cards that are close to Judgement will reveal exactly what we are being judged on. Cups: Emotional matters and relationships. Discs: Money, work, health. Wands: The soul path, ethics, and morality. Swords: Methods of communication, perspective, ways of thinking. With other major arcana, we have significant moments ahead that will hold importance for a long time to come.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Others

Some people will deal with change more easily than others; that's just how it is. Sometimes, this card doesn't so much ask you TO change, but to recognise things HAVE changed.




Common Associations

The element of water. The colour turquoise blue and sometimes black. The gift of healing. Stones such as hematite and jet .