Three of Discs

The Meaning


Productivity. Good work. Recognition of effort by those that you work for.


Going Deeper

With this card, there is the promise of an increase in productivity, income, and energy. There's also the sense of increasing your reputation within the working life. Those around you will be able to see that you're working hard and happy to be doing so. The three of discs can often indicate a project of some sort and always means a continuation and progression of work from wherever you are at the point of asking about this issue. This card also indicates that there's talent present in the work you are doing and that it should come naturally. Ultimately this can lead to expertise in your chosen area. Can also indicate weight gain from pregnancy. The Three of Discs will often to refer to timing of three weeks to three months. Whatever question you asked, this card usually indicates that you need to put in more effort. Do what is expected of you and honour any duties and obligations that are presenting themselves.


Astro Insight

Mars in Capricorn. Striving for status within the eyes of the community. Huge amounts of determination for getting to the top of the mountain.


Examples With Other Cards

It's an excellent card to get with the eight, nine or ten of discs as it shows you have the commitment needed to push ahead.