Four of Swords

The Meaning


Rest. Timeout to recover.


Going Deeper

This card symbolises peace and a temporary sense of order. After the Three of Swords, it can be a welcome relief to feel calm. Time out may be needed for rest and recovery after a difficult or challenging period. It's a good card to get when you're ill or feeling under the weather because it shows that healing will come. I find this card a bit of a pain if I want excitement as life is often quiet under the influence of this card. If you've been experiencing high levels of stress, then the appearance of the Four of Swords is an indicator that you'll soon be able to get your thoughts together.


Astro Insight

Jupiter in Libra which represents an ability to see both sides of the situation but also a need to be more rational about things and weigh up any possibilities before passing judgement.


Examples With Other Cards

With the Eight of Discs, it emphasises recovery from illness. With a court card: it could symbolise help from an outside source. Justice will suggest decisions being made by someone higher up the ladder and may even relate to legal matters.