Four of Discs

The Meaning


Security. Maintaining financial stability.


Going Deeper

Things are relatively stable when the four shows up, but it does stress a couple of things that you need to watch out for. The first is that you should be aware that you could do an awful lot better than what you are doing. This card indicates you have far more talent and intelligence than you are currently using. This is fine (and understandable) that you want some stability, yet you need to realise you are in fact digging a hole for yourself. The other point is that you could be hoarding your money when others could do with you to share. In fact, this card can often indicate that you are hoarding everything from your time, talent, and money to the core of your soul itself. We are born to make the most of our gifts, and that means giving a little of everything we have. This card can sometimes indicate a new house but usually indicates the "settled in" period. If you've had a period of financial uncertainty, this card can often bring some welcome relief. There's nothing wrong with playing the game for a while.


Astro Insight

This card is linked to the Sun in Capricorn, and the higher meaning of Capricorn is that we have to make public use of all resources we possess.


Examples With Other Cards

If the Five of Discs follows this card in a reading, you need to be on guard around your finances. On the one hand, it could be saying that you need to conserve your resources yet on the other you may need to take a risk to avoid any impending poverty. Your income may not be changing, but costs could be going up in which case you need to make adjustments now before you don't have enough to make ends meet.