Four of Cups

The Meaning


Contentment. Emotional Ease. Boredom. Apathy.


Going Deeper

We have emotional stability in the four, yet there is a chance that boredom could start to creep in if we become too complacent about our circumstances. This card can often signify that we do have a good thing going on, but it's not all that exciting. If we need more passion in our life, then we have to find a way to bring back the spark because if we care about the love we have we need to ensure resentment doesn't set it. People are starting to get taken for granted. The four could spell the beginning of the end for dissatisfying relationships. There is comfort here, but it can fluctuate with moods. The Four of Cups has a certain amount of fluidity to it. Nothing is carved in stone here.


Astro Insight

The Moon in Cancer. My mate Ronnie (a Moon in Cancer native) says there are two kinds of people in life, drains and radiators....but which one are you?


Examples With Other Cards

This is one of those cards that can be heavily modified by what comes up around it. With the more depressing cups cards such as the five, seven and eight - it's more likely that apathy and discontent have already set in. If The Lovers appears this could indicate that someone is thinking about how the relationship is to proceed - if at all. The Ten of Swords would suggest a particular emotional set up is about to come to an end. If positive cards are surrounding the Four of Cups, it's probably just a temporary lull. If you've been lucky enough to have a lot of excitement, it could be a welcome sign that life is going to balance out a little.