Five of Discs

The Meaning


Poverty. Loss of something important on the physical plane of existence.


Going Deeper

One of the more unwelcome visitors to a spread is the Five of Discs.The symbolism here speaks of destitution and loss on the physical plane which not only represents finances but the body as well. When the five appears, we are warned to be on the lookout for potential losses, but these will usually arise through carelessness or excessive greed and narrow sightedness. If we refused the call of the Four of Discs, we might find ourselves in a big rut financially as our old pay packets no longer cover what we need and want. Our talents that we hoarded like gemstones will be dull, lifeless and unusable until polished through practice which takes time. We often don't have any time left when the five appears and have little choice but to endure the self-inflicted hardship. When connected to the body it shows illness has arrived through excessive worrying about mundane matters. We may have ignored the signs to put energy into the physical side of life yet sat there obsessing over how we can increase our lot.


Astro Insight

The five is linked to Mercury in Taurus. Positively, this can steady the mind and give a creative vision of what we want to produce but negatively it will make us possessive over our ideas, and we hoard instead of sharing so that others can benefit. Taurus can be greedy in wanting all that the end result has to offer...


Examples With Other Cards

If this card is in the outcome, you need to look earlier in the reading for ways to avoid it manifesting. Cards such as the Prince of Swords will indicate that this is a temporary phase. The Tower can also be a good card to see in the same reading if you've been struggling for a while - a breakthrough could be about to occur. If the Ace of Discs follows the Five, this can be a sign of stability that will soon arrive or even a gift to ease any burdens.