Five of Cups

The Meaning


Disappointment. Regrets. Feelings of loss. Wishing things could be different but unable to act in the way you want.


Going Deeper

This is the first of the cup cards that borders on unpleasant. The five shows us that we have experienced a letdown, and we're not all that happy inside. It's possible that there are regrets about things that have been said or maybe not said and whilst there is a desire to put things right it lacks passion. When we get this card, we wish that things could be different, but there is little power available to affect a change in circumstances. There's a flat sadness rather than overwhelming heartache here, and this card can apply to any situation, not just love. Things are not progressing how you initially thought they would; the rose coloured glasses came off. It's always possible to move forward, but feelings need to deepen, and you need to get real and more than anything else you need to talk.


Astro Insight

Mars in Scorpio. Move quickly and decisively or leave it to rot.


Examples With Other Cards

If this card appears in the outcome of a reading, it's telling you that this is the best you can hope for. On the one hand, it's not the worst card in the pack but neither is it anywhere near ideal. With any of the traditional ending cards like Judgement or the Ten of Swords, it's likely to be game over with whoever has upset you. With the Eight of Cups, it symbolises moving away from a negative and draining emotional situation. I wouldn't class this card as particularly strong, yet it seems to be a hard one to get around once it starts to show up in readings.