Eight of Swords

The Meaning


Over thinking. Excessive worry.


Going Deeper

This is the card of going around and around in mental circles. It frequently appears in readings where unrequited love is an issue. There can be a distinct lack of communication and normally there will be a particular situation that has been doing your head in for some time. It's like being paralysed by fear but not of anything physical. This card tells of a lot of frustration; many decks will give images of a spider's web with a person being trapped within, or they'll be blindfolded or just trapped by the swords. Too much thinking is going on with nowhere near enough communication to the right person. You could be feeling extremely isolated, but you have to realise it's of your own making. You're probably just trying to avoid the inevitable.


Astro Insight

Jupiter in Gemini. Great for gathering lots of information but in the extreme, it goes overboard in thinking about absolutely everything. Stop thinking and start talking or stop talking and start doing.


Examples With Other Cards

Hopefully, there will be some good cards like the Ace of Swords (to indicate clarity coming) or even The Tower (so you can be released). If the Eight of Cups is in the same reading, there's a good chance you're seriously drained on an emotional level.