Eight of Discs

The Meaning


Prudence. Disciplined caution. Skills and abilities.


Going Deeper

The eight is much less materialistic than the other numbered discs and is more concerned with having everything in order than with how much wealth is available. When the eight shows up, it's a sign to get things running more efficiently. Don't under or over exert yourself and all will be well. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail will be your allies for the coming weeks and the tidier your life is the better. On the health front, the eight can indicate improvement through carefully assessing the diet and looking towards alternative forms of healing such as herbalism and other things that are taken orally. Yoga and meditation fit well with this card, and the overall message here is to clean up your act. This card can refer to natural skills and abilities that can be perfected to make a successful career.


Astro Insight

This card is linked to the Sun in Virgo and asks you to create method from madness so that you may proceed into comfort and ease.


Examples With Other Cards

With the nine and ten of discs, it indicates that success will come from ones own talents. The Hermit suggests a period of self-reflection. With the Four of Swords or The Star, it indicates healing on a physical level and stresses the importance of a good diet.