Eight of Cups

The Meaning


Stagnant emotions. Feeling drained. Energy supplies are low. Emotional apathy.


Going Deeper

This card often spells a time where emotions are strained. This is the card that appears when you have given too much of yourself out without making sure you were getting something back in return. You're drained of your emotional energy. You need to retreat and sleep. Nurture yourself or at least get rid of the vampires from your energy field for a while. If life has just been running you ragged then get some early nights and only do whatever needs to be done; get yourself a tonic or some multivitamins. Do something for yourself but don't be thinking you can keep going how you have been, you are running on empty and have no choice but to refuel. There can be an odd sense of despondency that comes along with the Eight of Cups; it's like you know something needs to change, but you just don't have the will or the strength to do anything about it.


Astro Insight

Saturn in Pisces.


Examples With Other Cards

With the Four of Swords, it stresses the need to take time out to recharge your internal batteries. The Tower could be a good sign; it may suggest the breakthrough needed to sever ties with those that just take and never give back.