Ace of Discs

The Meaning


New foundations. There could be a house move, a new job or even a baby but the discs indicate physical things that manifest.


Going Deeper

The new beginning shown by this card has a solid and visible outcome. It will mark the start of a new cycle of growth and one that will continue for some time. The cards around it will show whatever it is that's likely to manifest but you can be sure that it's already taken form in thought or emotion and growth is about to be seen. Because this card has a natural affinity to Taurus, we may also see new values forming from current situations and we could also be working on our self-esteem. The Ace of discs is a card that promises blessings in the material realms. It does not indicate the final stage of success like the ten, but it does offer stable ground to grow from. It's time to nurture projects that you want to get off the ground. The Ace of Discs indicates that you need to stay grounded, this is not the time to be taking flights of fancy. If you've been struggling to be present, you could try getting out into the garden or take a walk through the park. Smell the flowers or bake a cake but do what you can to connect with planet reality.


Astro Insight

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


Examples With Other Cards

The Empress: it's likely to be pregnancy. The Chariot or the Four of Discs indicates a new job or home. The Ace or Ten of Discs says you will receive a gift. The Hierophant: This combination could symbolise a new relationship that has a solid foundation.