Ace of Cups

The Meaning


Love. A fresh emotional start. Birth. Happiness. Enjoyment.


Going Deeper

Here we have a brand new emotional feeling. This could be the beginning of a new relationship or an existing one that has entered into a new level of expression, but it can equally represent the conception of something creative like a child or a work of art or love itself. A nice time that offers that feeling of possibility but it is early days and only time will tell if you will get the maximum potential from this seed. A time to nurture, be nurtured and smile. A very positive card.


Astro Insight



Examples With Other Cards

With The Moon: Conception and gestation of a new seed that could bring new life. With the Three of Cups: A celebration or gathering of like minds. With The Wheel of Fortune, an unexpected yet happy turn of events. If this card appears with traditionally negative cards like the seven, eight, nine, or ten of swords - it can be taken as a sign that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. With The Empress, it's usually news of the birth of a baby.