The Wheel of Fortune

The Meaning


A sudden change of fortune. Destiny. Chances. Movement in life.


Going Deeper

The Wheel is an important symbol in many traditions. Most tarot decks will display the astrological wheel which symbolically represents that all things are part of a cycle with a beginning and an end that blend as one. The Wheel of Fortune is neither good or bad, it just is. I have read that the key to mastering this wheel of existence is to stand in the centre and watch it all pass you but at the same time, I wonder how practical that is. The Wheel is a constant reminder that we are not static at all. One of the cards to the right shows the yin/yang in the centre with the animals representing the four directions around the outside. We can all be aware that change is the only constant but do we really grasp what this means? When we commit to stability there is always a risk that the wheel will bring change, but can we keep moving to the rhythm or do we freeze like rabbits in headlights? Life is a process of change, if we try to work against this, at some point we will be reminded that we are not static. If we refused the call from within that we received from The Hermit, then life could send a bigger message until the wheel of life finally says enough is enough and throws us off completely. Some never do get back on; the fear is too great, and they stop participating in life and love. We see people who have bodies but are no longer living, and there are those who claim spiritual amnesty and stand in the centre watching it all go around, but they don't participate in life much either - this is not mastery of The Wheel. Mastery comes when we know when to step into the middle for respite and when to ride on the outside for experience.


Astro Insight

Jupiter. Check transits to the natal chart as well as natal aspects that are being affected by other planets.


Examples With Other Cards

Discs: With the two, unexpected co-operation, the ten indicates a financial legacy, a lump sum or gift that is enough to make a difference. Cups: With the ace, two and three, happy times to be had. Judgement: An answer from the Gods.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

Fate and destiny are two words which frequently get thrown around when this card is pulled, neither science nor religion can tell us whether we have any free-will at all. Although it is probably best to believe that we do.


Common Associations

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

The element fire. The colour royal blue. The psychic ability of telepathy. The stones lapis lazuli and sapphire