The Magician

The Meaning


Communication, synchronicity, and timing. It stresses the need to ask more questions and the need to acquire further information. 


Going Deeper

The Magician will frequently occur when more effort needs to be put into communicating things that are difficult or challenging. There are words that need to be spoken irrespective of how hard that may be. The Magician's presence in a reading says that omens and coincidences are needed for further understanding of a situation. Whilst trickery can be indicated by this card it is usually not rooted in malice but on childishness. Maybe someone is pretending to be more mature than they are? It is not game playing in the Scorpionic sense but more like a child who is deliberately provoking an adult into showing just how grown up they are, or maybe the adult will slip up and fall to the child's level of doing things? The best way to handle this card is with integrity. Too often I hear people say they will not start the conversation because so-and-so needs to say it first or maybe you are perfectly aware of what needs to be said, but fear is holding you back? Either way - and there will always be two ways to read the Magician because he represents duality - you need to communicate. You have to open the door and make life easier for yourself by being genuine, leave the verbal and mental trickery for others who have nothing better to do with their time. Above all else, you must pay attention to omens, coincidences, and synchronicities. Messages are coming at you left, right and centre ~ real messages that you shouldn't ignore, especially through our winged friends the birds. The Magician in a reading will show you what it is that needs to be talked about or brought into the open. 


Astro Insight

The planet and position of Mercury could be relevant in timing but also the solar month of Gemini. 


Examples With Other Cards

Cups: Emotion needing to be expressed. Wands: Things on the intuitive level or a need to be more philosophical. With the eight, telepathy is highlighted. With the Five of Wands, it can be a sign that frustration will lead to an outburst if not expressed. Discs: Money matters and concerns in reality itself. Swords: These are the challenging ones when the Magician is present. With the seven it indicates trickery or misrepresentation, sometimes bad communication leading to poor problem solving. The eight is nearly always a blockage; you can't talk because of fear, the presence of the magician says there is help available to break free of the negative cycle that is occurring, but you must talk to someone. With the Nine of Swords, you could have to deal with mental cruelty both given and received. 


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

The two main points which need to be put across are;

i) Communication needs to increase.

ii) Make sure to check all information received. 

iii) Communication doesn't need to be deep or meaningful unless other cards are indicating that needs to be the case.


Common Associations

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

The element of air. The colour yellow. The ability to attract synchronicity which provides insight into the life path and being able to read the sign posts so the correct direction can be travelled. The stones of citrine and rutilated quartz.