The High Priestess

The Meaning


The High Priestess represents feminine energy in its higher form as mystic and seer. Intuition. Sensitivity. Wisdom. 


Going Deeper

Because of the strong associations with the Moon, it is important that you are honest about feelings when The High Priestess is present in a reading. Clairsentience is strong, yet the only way we can utilise this gift is to learn more about emotions and how they influence and shape our decisions. If we cannot learn how to swim in the ocean of the subconscious, we will not find the truth. Instead of being able to accurately pick up what is present, we will misread others as well as our self, and we risk getting paranoid and suspicious. The High Priestess is the card which says the time has come for us to learn the difference between our own feelings and when we are simply absorbing the feelings of others. There is no quick road to success with this one; it requires patience and acceptance. This card will appear when life is providing adequate circumstances with which we can learn about the so-called hidden mysteries. We need to be able to understand the natural tides of life, which means understanding the Moon. It may be useful to know when the Moon is changing signs and if you're a woman play closer attention to your own cycle. If you're a man, then it may be worth inquiring about the cycles of those women closest to you.  This card can indicate the arrival of wisdom in an external form, but this teacher will not be making any grand gestures as the High Priestess is more of a quiet, introspective character. You'll need to listen carefully and work out for yourself which bits are relevant to you, though it might be best if you can trust your feelings even if they do seem to fly in the face of reason. Tis no time for logic, the night time is calling. You can either fumble around in the dark or you can let the light of the full Moon guide you. At a time when little may make sense, you might as well rely on something other than cold hard facts and my guess is there aren't any hard facts at all. 


Astro Insight

Look to the moon. Moods shift quickly. The natal moon will give more clues as to what is going on. 


Examples With Other Cards

Five of Cups: The disappointment or loss that is being experienced has opened a door to higher knowledge, use it wisely and you won't end up at the same destination again, or you can choose to ignore the inner voice and ultimately make yourself look stupid. With the Seven of Cups especially, it is indicating deception maybe not a deliberate one but things (usually people) are not being entirely honest, you may entice them, but they are unlikely to commit further unless everyone starts being real. Chariot: Take control of your inner life and make it work for you. Hanged Man: You have to surrender yourself to a higher calling on this one, there is nothing you can do except wait and ride out the wave, dreams may be intense and prophetic. The night time, and how you feel about the dark, in general, will give valuable. Death: There is a very profound transition taking place which involves sacrificing an old way of seeing things, a huge amount of healing energy is trying to come through. 


To help yourself or give advice to clients

If you're reading for a client or friend, it's possible they won't be in the mood for advice from anyone. There's a tendency with this card to assume that no-one can know better than the self (which can be true), and yet the ones who this card shows up for most often are those who crave wisdom. It may be helpful to suggest relevant books. 


Common Associations



The element water. The colour silver. The ability to use clairsentience. Gemstones such as pearls and moonstones. 

Please make sure you understand how the basic energies are different between The High Priestess and The Empress as both express different aspects of the feminine.