The Hierophant

The Meaning


Traditions and routines, reliability and steadfastness, conventional religion and orthodox views. 


Going Deeper

The Hierophant is quite a nice card to get. It brings a certain kind of peacefulness to the whole reading and if it signifies a person it is someone who is usually very solid. You can rely on The Hierophant to get or give you the help that is needed. It shows consistency and trust are important to the person it represents. There is fertility around this card, and it says that things are growing around you. Due to the Taurus connection, The Hierophant can sometimes point to a need to be outside in the garden or connecting with nature. The earthy feel of this card is about being natural and taking the simple approach. Whilst the card is far from shallow, it is telling us to stay away from complexities and not read into things too deeply. It shows acceptance and a need to relax with the situations that are taking place and that there is no need to be suspicious. If situations are breeding mistrust, The Hierophant asks you to consider what is important. If there isn't trust and security, you need to remove yourself until you can see clearly and maybe take a look at why you deny yourself the right to feel safe. It doesn't matter which level that may be - emotional, mental, physical or psychic. Insecurity in others is infectious, and it's a disease none of us have to expose ourselves to. On the highest level, this card indicates something sent by the Gods, a relationship that is "meant" to be and a real chance at making something work. When it signifies a relationship, it has the potential to be a divine marriage that can stand the test of time and the upsets that life can throw at us. But by far the most important word of this card is trust; without it, you can't have what the Hierophant offers. 


Astro Insight

The sign of Taurus. 


Examples With Other Cards

Discs: With any of the disc cards there is a need to work hard to stabilise yourself financially. If things are good, then put some by for a rainy day. The better disc cards will be indicating success coming forward and an opportunity for further growth. Cups: Relationships will be blessed with loyalty. With the five and eight, if you are worried about someone important then the Hierophant is telling you that the relationship will survive, there is deep commitment here in spite of difficulties. With the two, three, nine and ten you can trust in the joy. Wands: Brings out the more spiritual side of the Hierophant, beliefs could be significant, and there is more importance to current events than you realise. Empress: A good relationship is indicated by these two showing close together. Tower: There could be disruptions to your stability, look at where the tower falls to give the area of life and to the hierophant for establishing stability. Sun: A lot of happiness and a real feel good time coming, finding joy in routines and being comfortable. World: Achieving things of importance on the physical levels, taking a significant step forward. 


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

The Hierophant can be a reassuring card for those on a 'spiritual' path because it suggests an alignment with the 'higher' aspect of the soul's path. If that sounds unnecessarily fluffy you could say it suggests living in accordance with one's ethics. 


Common Associations



The element earth. The colour light pink. The ability to manifest creative energy through cooking, art, the garden, and singing. Stones of rose quartz and also malachite.