The Hermit

The Meaning


Isolation. Meditation. Inner work. Contemplation.


Going Deeper

More than anything else, The Hermit tells us we have to stop and think. Whatever situations are playing out around us, we cannot allow ourselves to get swept into the chaos; we have to retreat and sort things out in our own minds. Things need to be tidied up before we can proceed. Quiet time is essential, and the presence of the Hermit shows it is possible to take some time out even if it's just shutting yourself off in a room for an hour. Superficial concerns have to be dismissed as the focus needs to be directed towards the ultimate question - where am I going? From that question, you can see if you are on the right road or whether you need to change direction. There is help for you in the form of inner guidance, but we need silence for that voice to be heard. It is possible to hear that voice through song, and we can even see it in pictures and situations, but the rabble of the mundane questions must be made quiet. This is not the time for thinking about which shoes you are going to buy or which shade is right for your hair; neither is it the time to be heading for parties or drowning yourself in alcohol. What we need is clarity of thought. It may be that some sort of physical detox is needed, a fast for twelve hours would be great if your health allows it - fruit and fruit teas to flush out the heaviness. Far from being a boring card, The Hermit marks both an essential and interesting time, one where you emerge wiser and clearer about your mission for the long term. The appearance of this card is really a caution that you are thinking of straying away from your calling in life. Whilst it can sometimes be beneficial to take a diversion you have to consider if it is going to be worth it? Can you afford the time?


Astro Insight

The sign of Virgo.


Examples With Other Cards

Discs: The physical world is the source of your chaos. With the nine, are you working for love or money? Cups: Emotional matters need much consideration, with the seven it's probably not worth the effort. Wands: The spiritual life needs energy but with the nine and ten are you sure the burdens are yours to carry? Swords: With the two you have to make a choice, listen to no one but yourself.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

There's little to be said, the answers are on the inside and won't come from an external source. 


Common Associations

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

The earth element. The colour light green. The ability to meditate and bring order out of chaos. Gemstones such as green tourmaline and green fluorite.