The Empress

The Meaning


Nurturing those around you. Warmth. Generosity. Pregnancy. Fertility. A period of growth. 


Going Deeper

The Empress is another very feminine card though the outer expression is very different to the High Priestess. The archetypal Empress shares her energy with others whereas the High Priestess is the energy that we need to keep for ourselves. The Empress can be found cooking and generally making life easier for others by lightening their practical load (in contrast to the High Priestess who is detached, less inclined to nurture others). The energy of the Empress is loving but in a very grounded way, there's no false promise here, she is stable and reliable with her giving. This is a beautiful state to live in but at the same time, it is unrealistic to presume we can emulate The Empress consistently. Her presence in a reading should be welcomed, but if you wish for this energy to remain in your life you will have no choice but to establish boundaries, and this is an often overlooked aspect of this card. Without healthy boundaries, we give until we become empty, so we also need to take the time to do our own thing. The sensuality that is at the core of this card is very attractive to others. It represents a time when touch is important and also a good indicator as to exactly where your energy is going. Joy comes from home comforts and surrounding oneself with decent food and plenty of cushions. This energy can be used for physical growth of any kind - plants, as well as the body, will benefit. Massage will work wonders if The Empress energy comes up in a reading. 


Astro Insight

Venus transits could be relevant for timing. Natal Venus will show how and where the nurturing is given. 


Examples With Other Cards

Cups: With the ace, two, three, nine and ten it brings blessings of an emotional nature and a feeling that life is good. With the eight, a warning that self-nurture is more important than giving out to others. Discs: With the ace, a birth or a gift. With the two, three, nine and ten; money can be on the increase through your work, and natural talents. The Moon: Pregnancy is highly likely, if not for you then someone very close. 


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

It's a good card, and there's certainly nothing wrong with being able to nurture people, but as I've already said - we need to take care that the energy isn't being abused by those who are just being lazy. 


Common Associations

Green Calcite

Green Calcite

The element earth. The colour pastel green. The ability to create things of physical beauty whether through artistic pursuits, children or the land itself. Crystals such as aventurine, rose quartz and green calcite.