The Emperor

The Meaning


Strong male. Assertiveness. Leadership skills being brought in. Directness. Aggression and dominance. The father/husband. 


Going Deeper

The Emperor can represent a forceful and confident individual. Because of the masculine energy contained in the card, it generally does describe a man rather than a woman with dominant personality. He is normally the boss wherever he works and does not suffer fools gladly. He can be impatient and blunt and tends to be dismissive of finer emotions though he is not averse to strong passion. The card brings a lot of energy into play and gives the power to initiate situations in the area that the card falls in the reading. If you have dealings with officials, he will be a stern no nonsense individual that doesn't respond to compliments or flattery. He is a man that wants facts not fantasy and has no time for wooly thinkers or even airy intellectual types because he wants things done and he wants them done now. Because the card has a not so distant connection to Mars, it can indicate someone who is argumentative and bossy and at the extreme end it describes a petty dictator that likes to throw his weight without considering the feelings of anyone. Depending on the context of the reading, it can be a warning to mix mercy with might and not get carried away with your own wants and needs. In some instances, it is necessary to stand up and assert yourself, but you must do so for the right reasons. In situations where there is no one taking charge, the reading could be telling you to take the lead. If tempers are heated and The Emperor looks negative, then reassess the situation to ensure it's not you who needs to be a bit more accommodating. One thing is for sure if you're dealing with the Emperor it's no use resorting to emotional blackmail. 


Astro Insight

The sign of Aries. 


Examples With Other Cards

Wands: With the five there's built up frustration. With the ace and two, it indicates a man of raw action; he's a doer, not a thinker. Swords: Care needs to be taken around communication, there is a danger of being too sharp. With the nine and ten, give a wide berth to those you know can be volatile. Chariot: Good opportunities to get this moving, a significant person will initiate action, or you will experience a massive amount of energy yourself. Tower: There is a need to watch your temper, you may need to exercise more or practice slow breathing, if the Emperor is representing someone else then you may have to deal with sudden changes thanks to someone else's rash and impulsive behaviour. 


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

If the Emperor is representing another person, you need to look at the cards around him to see if the personality leans towards strong and authoritative or tyrannical and bullying. Obviously the former would be preferable to the latter. 


Common Associations



The fire element. The colour red. Powerful instincts and the ability to act at the right time. Fiery opals and Vanadinite are the stones to draw this energy in.