The Chariot

The Meaning


Controlling opposing forces. Travel. Movement. Short journeys.


Going Deeper

The Chariot is symbolic of the two sides of man/woman. Coming after the Lovers, it is the lesson learned of the benefits of being able to balance two opposing forces. Many decks will show the chariot being pulled by a black and a white horse yet there is normally someone driving the chariot. It is not stood waiting, and neither is it running wild. There is a sense of control and directed action and above all else, this card suggests we will get exactly where we want to be if we use self-control. This is not the time to be all over the place or floating around. We have to focus and ground ourselves; we have to be in charge. The connection to the sign of Cancer suggests the biggest problem stems from our emotional state, whatever that might be. We may need to get a grip of the inner life. Maybe we are allowing feelings to have too much of a say and need to bring in reason? At the same time we may be dismissing emotion altogether and in that case, the card is telling us to stop being so clinical. As with any card, the meaning is too personal to list all possibilities, and only you know the ultimate truth. The summer is likely to be an important time with the current situation, but you have to take control now to achieve the desired results. No one else is going to do what needs to be done, it has to be you, The Chariot implies this is your mission. It is not about taking control of others as this card deals with the "personal to us" kind of stuff. It's your inner self that needs to remain balanced and focused and if you can manage to do that, The Chariot will ensure that the road ahead is travelled much more smoothly. When in control, we can see clearly and avoid obstacles and pitfalls.


Astro Insight

The sign of Cancer.


Examples With Other Cards

Discs: Normally it shows a need to take control of the physical aspects of life. With the five, a desperate need to get a grip on your finances. The nine shows it's time to take steps towards doing your own thing on the work front, and if you're already self-employed you need to put more effort in. With the ace, four and ten, a house move could be beneficial financially, the ace can also show a new job. Cups: Certainly a need to control and balance emotions better whichever cup cards come up. Wands: With the two, a need to initiate action. The three means you might have to be patient; things are moving, but you have to let things happen rather than force it. Strength: Self-control is a must right now. The Wheel of Fortune: You need to trust destiny and go with the flow.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

There's not much to say other than get a grip or stay focused. The area the card has come up in should help to narrow the field a bit.


Common Associations



The water element. The colour silver. The psychic energy of clairsentience (clear feeling) the ability to read emotions of others. Gemstones such as moonstones and clear quartz.