The Meaning


Balance. Moderation. A steady flow. A need to avoid extremes of anything. 


Going Deeper

This card will appear when there is a need to curb knee jerk reactions. It's possible you're overdoing something and need to take a step back and even taking notice of how you breath when Temperance appears can give you an idea of where you're at. Many decks will show this card with liquid being poured from one container to another and the reference here is to allow things to flow without trying to rush or slow down unnecessarily. If you imagine yourself as the one pouring the liquid, it'll be easier to understand; if we are too slow in pouring, it will spill down the side of the container that the liquid is in, and If we pour too fast then it spills over the container we are trying to fill. Getting the balance right is the key to not spilling or wasting - whatever is flowing. The association with Sagittarius is relevant as Sag's are notorious for their love of excess. They rush, push and go to extremes and have to learn to moderate their behaviour. Horses can be like this too, and the best race horses are those that can be paced and pushed at the right time. If you are excitable in nature, this card is the party pooper who reminds us to steady up on the emotional output or slow down with the drinking. In a relationship, especially a new one, this card tells us to take it steady; more time is needed before making choices. It also tells us to go easy on the communication and not to bombard the object of our affection with so much youthful enthusiasm. It's a card of taking each day as it comes, of getting out of bed with renewed optimism each and every day. Temperance tells us that if things are stagnant, we need to put energy in at a steady pace. For a card with strong connections to fire, it can be a bit of a bore but then we wouldn't want to be burning out now, would we?


Astro Insight

The sign Sagittarius. 


Examples With Other Cards

With the wands, especially the nine and ten, it can imply difficult situations that we need to stay strong with. We may feel that we don't have the energy when in fact we do, but we have to be careful because burnout is very close but so is the end of the situation. Cups are always associated with emotion yet when linked with Temperance, extremes are being given the no-no. Keep it calm and keep breathing. Chariot: Implies a need to choose a direction and proceed with a steady canter. With The Wheel of Fortune, it shows events that are unexpected, but we need to stay on track and although it could be an exciting time we are told not to get carried away.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

Moderation and balance are the keys here, not particularly interesting but extremely necessary for those with an intense amount of energy at their disposal.


Common Associations



The element fire. The colour royal blue. The ability of telepathy. The stones lapis lazuli and sodalite.