The Meaning



Self-control. Mastery of lower level energies such as lust. Willpower. Strong life force.


Going Deeper

All cards can be read from a personal perspective, but the Strength card is one of those that really does throw it straight back to the one asking the questions. It rarely shows an event, and instead, asks you to give focus to the inner life. It demands self-mastery over base level emotions such as lust, laziness, and apathy. Strength tells us that if we want to move forward and achieve something, then the only way that is going to happen is through concentrated effort. There is the need to rise above situations which are too distracting and to only concern yourself with that which is necessary for survival, usually artistic survival. The strength card deals with that which we are passionate about, but passion can only be channelled if we have control otherwise, we express and create confusion, and we lack consistency. The association with Leo gives us an indication that the energy needed is fixed and fixed energy needs structure and also stability, it is not erratic or changeable like a cardinal or mutable sign. The really good writers, artists, and actors all have this necessary component of routine, they have chosen their direction and must now apply themselves. We are dealing with honour here - that means honouring our intentions. We also need to have pride in what we are doing, and we have to aim for the top regardless of what stage we are at right now. If we cannot apply strength, then the chances are we are going to fail at whatever we have set out to do. Be under no illusion - if you do fail, it was because of your inability to get a hold of yourself and focus on the matter in hand.


Astro Insight

The sign of Leo.


Examples With Other Cards

Cups: It could be emotions that need controlling but look to the individual meaning for which aspect is in danger of being out of balance. Wands: With the five, frustration is building with only willpower holding it in check, but this is not a long-term solution. The six, discipline and hard work will assure victory. Swords: With the two it shows extra courage is available to confront the inevitable. With the three, it's over, and you have to stand firm. With the Temperance card:  there is a need to get a grip and balance your energies. Devil: There could be too much attention given to the material realms.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

If this card shows up, there's a definite need to increase self-control. Chances are the body is demanding attention, but the question needs to be asked - is the timing appropriate or will my energy be better spent elsewhere?


Common Associations



The element of fire. The colour orange. The ability to trust and have faith. Stones such as topaz and orange calcite.