The Meaning


Justice! Balance. Relationships. Marriage. Peace. Agreement.

Going Deeper

This card is all about achieving a balance of some sort. In personal relationships, it demands that equality is sought. We can't pull the gender card because with Justice we have to acknowledge that we are both masculine and feminine, and neither sex can ultimately claim power over the other. We have to recognise the pros and cons on both sides. If we are faced with decisions, we have to be honourable and base those choices on fairness. We cannot seek to gain the upper hand because if we do then we will ultimately have to face judgement later on and our intentions will be brought into question. We may have to face being on the receiving end of someone else's mismanagement of justice. In legal matters, this card indicates that the decision will be fair, and it could be that both sides will benefit and lose. Our idea of justice and that of the true nature of justice can be very different. We have to accept that if we are not living with balance, then at some point life is going to correct things. If you think this is the worst it can be, then you are wrong. Worst case scenarios fall under judgement, not justice. This is an opportunity to set things right, and only you know what that means. On a positive side if you have been wronged it can indicate balance being restored. The slate may be wiped clean so to speak, but don't get carried away and become arrogant with your victory, or the slate will become dirty again. Stay away from blame and stick to the facts. Take responsibility for your own actions and not those of another. What others do is their business, not yours, you can choose to be involved or distance yourself, but their actions are not your concern. Stay away from spite and vengeance, no amount of foot stomping will dictate when someone's fate is delivered. We have to have faith in justice but even if we don't, it won't affect the outcome.

Astro Insight

The sign of Libra.


Examples With Other Cards

Death: An ending with meaning, deep changes, profound thoughts, an insight into the workings of life. Star: Hope is left at the bottom of Pandora's box. Sun: Happiness is earned and deserved. Judgement: Things could be intense right now, but there is no point fighting, the decisions have already been made, and there is nothing left to do but live with the consequences. Learn your lessons and it won't happen again.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

The main point to be stressed is that you need to aim for fairness, which can be easier said than done.


Common Associations



The element air. The colour emerald green. The ability of charisma, attracting that which you need at the right moment. Stones such as jade, malachite and emeralds.