The Meaning


Endings, release, cleansing, transformation.


Going Deeper

This is the card that strikes fear in the heart of those who don't know the tarot well enough. More often than not it symbolises a psychological death and a time of irreversible change. Whenever the Death card shows up, there is always some connection to the month of October. It's often the culmination of events for the time of finally letting go, and it tends to be fairly reliable. All cards show timing but for some reason, the Death card is more consistent in its ability to predict when something will happen. There is always an area of life that needs to change when Death is present and ignoring the call to transform can mean that it will be forced upon you at a later date. I have noticed it's normally a situation that will play out over a period covering a few months. The endings that come from the Death card aren't usually coming out of the blue unless it's linked to The Tower or other cards symbolising the unexpected. If warnings are continuously ignored, Judgement will usually start to show up to add weight and a sense of urgency. Healing does have its place here as Death only shows up when something is starting to rot. If you can allow the process to take place, you will feel a strong sense of renewal. Death is giving you the opportunity to cut away the dead wood so that new growth can come through without being hindered. The chance for transformation will only occur every once in a while so we'll always do better if we take the opportunity as it knocks. Black may be the preferred colour and the night time may be more attractive than day. We could have a desire to explore the dark side of life in the form of psychology or even watching vampire films. Our senses may tune in much more quickly than normal, and there could be an aversion to all things superficial. This is not the time for sickly sweet but a time of seriousness and quite possibly devotion to the cause ~ whatever the cause may be.


Astro Insight

The sign of Scorpio.


Examples With Other Cards

Swords: three and ten, it's usually the end of a relationship. With The High Priestess a rite of passage such as menstruation, menopause, giving birth. Judgement: frequently signifies an actual divorce or equally heavy situation. With The World, another definite ending but straight into new things.


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

It needs to be stressed that it is psychological growth that is needed. Old parts of the personality, or old attitudes that no longer serve a healthy purpose need to go.


Common Associations



The element water. The colour black. Healing energy. The stones of hematite, jet, black onyx and snowflake obsidian. Snakes, frogs and butterflies.