The Fool

The Meaning


Friendship and optimism. Fresh start. New beginnings. Opportunity comes knocking. 


Going Deeper

The general indication of the Fool is, new beginnings where trust is needed. The Fool can be a sign of an unexpected opportunity, but faith in life itself has to be felt, or the chance to change and grow will be lost. There are no guarantees that the Fool's offer will succeed, but his presence reminds us that sometimes the biggest gift we can receive is the opportunity itself. Some people will go many years without ever receiving an invitation from the Fool. If we're completely honest, we'll recognise that there is much truth contained within this card. The reality is, nothing is set in stone, and we can never be sure how life will turn out. The bottom line - everything is uncertain at some level. Certainty is knowing the Sun will continue to shine but one day even that will cease to happen, we just don't know when. The Fool can indicate ingenuity and uniqueness, but what makes this person unique is their ability to take a chance, so dare to be different. 


Astro Insight

The Fool is linked to the planet of unpredictability and revolution which is also known as Uranus. If you know your astrology, you can check transiting and natal Uranus for more clues though it usually points to a time when you least expect it, whenever that may be. 


Examples With Other Cards

Two of Cups: Repeated chances to get a relationship going. Three of Cups: Unexpected announcements leading to joy. Six of Cups: Strong familiarity with a person and yes, you will see them again. Discs: This normally indicates offers and opportunities arising from work and sometimes property, the necessary connections have already been made, but maybe bad timing was a factor before. 


To Help Yourself or Give Advice To Clients

The Fool is not a problematic card unless there is a high degree of fear present. Even if this card is negatively aspected, the worst it indicates is an inability (or reluctance) to take opportunities that are being handed to them. Younger people tend to welcome the presence of the fool as they are less likely to be in a rigid routine. As we get older, there can be a reluctance to take new opportunities as we prefer the predictable outcomes and stability we have acquired. This is the beginning of a journey, and regardless of your so called level of consciousness, you're at the start of something. The tarot ultimately reminds us that all beginnings start with the fool and end with the world when one simply returns to the beginning yet again. I have noticed that the opportunities described by the fool are not of the once in a lifetime sort, they will frequently crop up in another guise at a later date. With a strong connection to the planet Uranus, there is an underlying feeling of restlessness inherent in the Fool, yet it points towards the querent having some knowledge of a past situation that is relevant to the present. 


Common Associations



The element of Air. The colour electric blue. Precognition and the ability to read the past. Gemstone of chrysocolla and gem silica. Sometimes sodalite and luvilite.