Emotional Self-defence

Emotional vampires exist in colossal numbers around the planet. They're often responsible for leaving other people feeling excessively tired and sometimes irritable. At the extreme end of the scale, they can make you afraid to answer your telephone or even your own front door. When you're in the presence of a vampire, you say yes when you mean no, and no when you mean yes. You may have hostile thoughts creeping in and even start to doubt that you're a kind-hearted and considerate person at all. These vampires generally don't wear capes or hang out in castles drinking out of goblets. Psychic vampires feed off your energy so there's little need for them to sink their teeth in but, they still have to find a way to latch onto their chosen host in order to drain the life force. Instead of sharing out the love with others through creative endeavours they hold onto the energy to feed their own internal power. During the early years of my psychic exploration, I heard stories of how vampires were to be avoided and that one must be careful who was invited into the home. 

Intense emotion is addictive. The type of emotion someone is drawn to will dictate where and when they feed. Although some can be deliberately discreet, many will just not realise what they are doing. Water signs can be particularly vulnerable to both sides of the fence, and the naughty ones have a habit or squeezing sympathy (not empathy) for the smallest of traumas. Their whine can burst psychic eardrums quickly and yet they will always play the innocent if you challenge their "need". If you challenge their behaviour, waterworks will usually follow behind the whine and at this point you pretty much have all the proof you need that you are in fact dealing with a feeder. If they don't do tears, you'll get outrage instead. I have been given a few eye openers in my time as to how far some people are prepared to go to get your vibe, and they don't all wear black and sprout fangs. In fact, some of the worst offenders can be middle class. We see many professions that cripple the natural abilities to share emotion and those in positions of authority will often lack any solid emotional grounding and find themselves with no choice but to succumb to emotional vampirism if they want a fix of a feeling. Some people really do deliberately feed off your energy. Others are just plain clueless and have remained ignorant in respect of personal boundaries. I feel we are all inclined to feed from time to time though most will remain unaware of their own behaviour. One of the first places I learned about feeding off the emotions of others was actually through the Evangelical church. Hardly a place one would expect to encounter a vampire but there's an intensity that belongs solely to religious practice, and I certainly learned how to manipulate my feelings in a positive way as a result of spending time there. Psychics get a fair amount of clients looking to enhance their power for personal reasons, and it can be a quick fix to ring for a reading and get a solid chunk of energy thrown at them. Therapists of all persuasions, medical staff (nurses probably more so than doctors) and members of the clergy are the professions that are highly susceptible to those who have a tendency to drain others. On a personal level, if you're open-hearted and like to help those in "need", you'll get latched onto at some point in your life. It's easy to become a host without even realising what's going on.

Most emotional and psychic vampires are simply irritating. You generally don't know you've been bitten until a few moments after they leave and you find you've got an itch somewhere that just doesn't go away no matter how hard you scratch. The people themselves are usually insignificant, small and parasitic in nature. They will prefer crowds rather than one to one company because that would risk exposure to their lack of substance to contribute. Like fleas, this type latches onto anything and anyone and tends not to discriminate in their choice of host. We don't need to worry too much about this kind of person unless we get a major infestation. This would normally happen when we spend too much time socialising in the wrong places. The remedy is easy - find a new group to hang out with!

There are other emotional feeders who prefer to latch onto a single source of energy. And like their real life counterpart, The Tapeworm, these types reside in the gut, and they manage to attach themselves because you swallow their sob story. The emotional manipulation will be undetectable at first, but as time moves on you will start to experience a loss of some sort on a physical level, this may be time, weight, or money. You may also experience bellyaches, sickness, or cramps when they are about to arrive. If you are in the unfortunate position of living with this type of feeder you are not likely to realise until it is too late, by which time you will find yourself drained of all knowledge of your former personality. You will no longer laugh for fear of every ounce of life force being dragged out as soon as you exhale. You can smile at them and then have them welded to your side for the duration of the day. When you're in desperate need for some space, they'll interrupt you every three and a half minutes by just needing to pass you in the hall or asking pointless questions about cups of tea. You can go outside to have a cigarette right after they've just had one (to avoid them) and the fuckers just have to have another one, and there they are, right beside you! You can have a phone call with a friend, and they are waiting patiently for your return. They'll be wanting to know if you gave them a mention. In extreme cases, they will be sulking, and when you cave into their demand for attention and ask them what is wrong, they'll tell you that they know you were talking about them because they felt funny. What they don't realise is, they actually felt funny because you weren't giving them any energy at all, you cut off their fucking food supply, and they got paranoid!

Common Phrases of The Human Tapeworm: (But What They Really Mean Is)       

We're put on this planet to look after one another - I need looking after
We are all one - You have no individuality in my eyes.
We should always help each other - You should always help me when I ask
People never honour commitment - I drain them, and they leave me

Protecting Your Assets - Being Practical

The easiest way to get rid of a vampire is to talk about yourself or some major global catastrophe because they're usually uninterested in anything real going on. Their only need is to satisfy their inner craving for attention. Don't agree to see them and have a list of excuses already written out if you can't be direct about it. A casual acquaintance will be far easier to avoid than a close friend or family member but in all cases, you have to remember the bottom line: it's your energy, and you have every right to decide where, when, and who it goes to. You were not put on this planet to be a sole supply of vibrancy to anyone. If you're living with a feeder, you have a serious problem. If the level of manipulation is high, you need to get yourself some support. Either see a therapist or talk to a friend who has been through a similar situation. The unconscious vampires may stop their behaviour if it can be pointed out but you'll need specific examples to show them. Change may not be possible and if this is the case you have to decide in your own mind whether you're prepared to spend the rest of your life in this situation.

I've heard some odd reasons over the years as to why people can't rid themselves of those who serve no purpose, I've even been known to make a few excuses myself. However, I can't help but wonder at the dynamics for the chronically afflicted. If you find yourself complaining about the feeders yet never take action, there is a possibility that you could be unconsciously feeding on something yourself. Do you need to be needed? Is it a fear of confrontation? Do you have some dodgy programming that says you're not entitled to the life that you want? As long as it's not coming from the belief that you always have to put other people before yourself...because that's not humanly possible. If we aren't healthy, we can't look after anyone, even if we want to. We wouldn't constantly cook and feed another and deny ourselves something to eat. We'd end up dead from starvation. It's no different emotionally. If you continue to feed someone without acknowledging your own hunger - you're gonna die inside. Just because you can carry your own self, it doesn't mean you have to piggyback the rest of humanity.