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Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. - C.G. Jung

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Are you plagued with signs and omens but still have no idea what the message is? Or maybe you need confirmation of what you already know? Soul surfers and archetype hunters are particularly sensitive to the external cues which are seemingly provided by the universe to act as signposts on the path of a handcrafted life. Anyone with a commitment to something greater than themselves is also prone to being observant to signs from the source. Maybe you’re perfectly normal and just have all this weird shit going on…

What I Offer

I have a solid background in all things mystical, mythical, and magical. The search for meaning, what is meaningful, and what things mean has taken up a good chunk of my entire life. Much will depend on the object, dream, or situation being looked at - it’s mostly about finding threads which can be woven into a bigger picture. Although, sometimes, it’s more about finding the detail…

What You Get

Ideas, insight, a new way of looking at something, sometimes answers, sometimes suggestions for change, sometimes you’ll get understanding. It’s impossible to predict because symbols are so very personal to the individual. Most things have basic, universal meanings, but the magic comes from knowing how it fits into YOUR life at this time. If an image has piqued your curiosity, I can do an email reading on it - the cost is the same as a 30 minute chat and will be around 500 words. Dreams, occurrences, and objects need to be talked about because I’ll always have questions in the search for minor details which help to create a clearer picture.

Ways To Use This Service

Dream Meanings can often be ambiguous but every now and again they’ll throw us a corker in terms of meaningful content. If a creative image has disturbed you it may be a prompt from your psyche to pay attention to something in your everyday life. Animal Totems are no longer as fashionable as they were a few years back but they can be a goldmine for information. Random events which appear to be connected can be explored, although this usually only happens to those on a conscious path of some sort.

What I Need From You Beforehand

As a general guide, I have long-since followed a rule of three for things happening during waking life. So, if you don’t get at least two synchronicities and ideally a third, which are all pointing towards the same symbol - you can ignore it. The other ‘rule’ is it has to be unusual in and of itself. If you live in the city and constantly see pigeons and one shits on your car, another lands at your feet, and another flies into your garden - it probably doesn’t mean anything. Now, if a hawk were to do that… If you’re at all unsure you can email and ask me if I think it’s worth taking a closer look. You’d have to be a psychopath to not be affected by images of starving children, abused animals, and other representations of cruelty - I don’t analyse the obvious such as journalistic photographs of atrocities. It is also quite normal to go through changes regarding personal levels of sensitivity to visual stimulus. You may be fine watching horror for the best years of your life, but one day you might find an aversion to anything too graphic and have to give it a miss for a while.

I’d like to know what it is you want me to look at. Sometimes, and by that I mean 25% of the time, I want to think about the symbols beforehand. Symbolic Interpretation is an incredibly creative process for me. Out of everything I do, this aspect of my work demands a higher level of freedom to roam through the darkest corners of my psyche for treasure which was buried years back - it doesn’t always take kindly to appointment times. If the symbols are intense I may get further insight after finishing the session and need permission to email you after-thoughts. You can decline the offer, of course, extras are free if they come. Permission saves me the discomfort of internal conflict - there’s nothing worse than having a realisation after the event to be stuck not knowing whether I’m breaching a boundary.

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Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. - Khalil Gibran

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There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny. - Friedrich Schiller