About This Site

Any work presented here is aimed at those who are trying to find and strengthen the core aspects of the self. Their own self that is. Self-development is a long-term ongoing process. Any wisdom or insight offered within this site is to be used as needed. You can discard any of it if it doesn't fit your own personal agenda.

Free Will may, or may not, be an illusion, but it has been said by many that it is better to at least pretend it exists. It may well be true that you're at the mercy of your DNA; as well as the social constraints of your family, your community, and your country of origin. Choices will always need to be made, but you need to be aware that you do in fact have a choice to begin with.

About You

External expressions of internal trauma include; anxiety, burnout, co-dependency, despair, OCD, identity issues, panic attacks, psycho-sexual issues, relationship problems, sexuality, stress, weight issues, and work-related problems. You are welcome to use any service here if you have any of these expressions but if you’re receiving a high level of clinical support for your mental health, I would ask you speak to me first and we can discuss whether it’s appropriate for me to get involved. If conventional methods are not working for you, I need to know why before proceeding. Many people have issues which are bad enough to interfere with their general well-being but not bad enough to warrant clinical intervention - if you think you fall into this category please let me know. The bottom line here is honesty; if I know where you’re at, I am better equipped to come find you and get you back on a path which feels right to you. If you are one of the tiny minority who actively seek an authentic existence, you are highly likely to at least suffer from anxiety and possibly OCD. Both are par for the course when not following the herd and we can explore ways to alleviate your suffering.

Or maybe, you’re just having a really bad day…

You, you could be anyone and there are way too many possibilities to list each and every reason you may want my help. Whether you decide to get in touch or not, I wish you well on your journey.


Your Guide - Quinn

Born and raised in rural North Yorkshire. Has so far lived a life steeped in mysticism after noticing she found it easier to follow the symbolic signs rather than the crowd. Blogged from 2009 onwards, mostly about her own inner angst and her aversion to socially accepted norms. Lover of mavericks, mystics, and armadillos.

Personal Statement

Messages, signs, and synchronicities which occur on a daily basis, are helpful prompts when embarking on a journey of self-knowing. The overall purpose is to help others find what is meaningful to them. Sometimes, we need help to decide what is meaningful and what isn't. Both the head and the heart can be guilty of over-complicating what is simple, and they can both be guilty of denying complexity. 

Using A Service

If you're unsure about any aspect of a service offered within the site, please don't hesitate to call or email to ask questions.