Rune Meanings

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Ur: Represents new beginnings that have limitless potential. There is a certain amount of inner strength that is being used here to close the door on things that are no longer loved, needed or appreciated. Nature has a way of filling voids yet if we have no room then how can we expect to accept more into our life? A spring clean could be beneficial on many different levels.


Reid: Movement is indicated by this rune, and it carries a strong sense of purpose with it. There are reassurances from the Gods that you will be protected on the journey you are about to take whether real or metaphorical. It is highly likely you will move through different levels of awareness at this time and must stay flexible regarding your perspective. A good rune to scribe into candles when you need more activity in your daily grind.


Jara: In many ways this rune represents change, but it refers to the kind of changes that need to take place every now and again so that we don't become stagnant and stale. This cannot be forced, and we may be reminded that sometimes we have to wait for the right time before our efforts pay off. Cycles are a part of life and happen with or without our consent; changes are in play on an inner level too. Another good rune for candle spells, but this one is for when you need change.


Algiz: This represents protection on all levels, and the message here is to go forward with bravery and courage with the knowledge that you will be looked after. There is much power in this rune, and it teaches us how to be grounded in reality whilst still being able to reach upwards into the cosmos. It is the true power of being connected to all levels of awareness without sacrificing the human self.


Sol: Life itself can give hope and optimism and when we shine like the Sun we are giving our true self to benefit the whole of humanity. Your soul purpose is calling loudly and promising satisfaction and achievement if you choose to answer the call. Energy is increasing around you bringing vitality and a buzz that is contagious.


Dagaz: This is the dawning of a new day, a transformation has taken place; the darkest hours have now passed, and you must look to the future with confidence. By utilising the energy of this rune, you have endless possibilities regarding the direction you can take. A time for optimism and hope, and appreciating life for what it is.


Ansuz: Communication is being highlighted whether through speaking or writing things down. This is also a rune that comes into play when we are learning to communicate with spirits and with nature. It is time to look beyond immediate appearances and see the deeper and higher aspects of people and situations. Learn how to communicate better with those around you.


Gifu: This is a time to be balancing what you give with what you receive and implies that we may have to give more to receive more. It also tells us that if we are giving and not getting anything in return, we are giving in the wrong direction. Partnerships of all persuasions are being brought into alignment, and we may need to trust the process even if it feels strange at first.


Hagal: Likened to a hailstorm by some this rune's energy can help to clear dark and oppressive energies and bring clarity and fresh air into your life. The rune can be worn as a charm if you need help with detachment from stressful situations. There is a suggestion that new beginnings are on the horizon but that we may need to take shelter until the worst has passed.


Tyr: This rune says victory is close by, and we need to use assertiveness and be forthright in our actions. Extra doses of determination are available if times are hard, and courage will be there when you need it the most. A rune that frequently comes up for the spiritual warrior; it reminds us to be brave in the face of adversity.


Bjarka: Female energy is the dominant force right now and even if you are a man it stresses the importance of nurturing and caring for others. It is likely you are experiencing a critical stage of your personal development and this rune reminds us that we grow more when we are nurtured not neglected.


Lagu: Right now you are being told to tune into your emotional self. Water is calling on you to learn about the natural rhythm of the tides and to explore the depths of the ocean. Going with the flow rather than swimming against the tide is your only option. There is much beauty to be found over the coming months, and you will be emerging renewed and energised from the experiences that are taking place.

Ken: This rune is about being clear. It gives the right energy to gain clarity of thought by inspiring us to find understanding. It provides situations that help bring buried issues to light, and if we are troubled but don't know why then this rune will help if we let it. Creative ability can also be enhanced under Ken's influence and the desire to express needs to be honoured.


Wynja: This is a rune which brings joy and happiness. It says it's time to find out what matters and live your love. There is enough freedom in the heart that you can learn the truth about unconditional love. Wynja is always striving for perfection but not of the nit-picking variety; the aim is to have the heart fully open. Self-worth is being healed at this time enabling the heart to love others even more: it is the right time to be giving instead of receiving.


Iss: This rune indicates that isolation is needed. Something is either frozen or needs freezing, and the only way to gain clarity is by spending time alone. The lesson here is that all things have their seasons including us, and for now it is winter. We might need to wait for spring before we can see growth. Look at the outer life for more clues, does your freezer need defrosting? Does equipment keep freezing up on you?


Eh: Another rune connected to communication but to restore imbalance between the male and female polarities. It stresses the importance of allowing things to move forward at their own pace so that momentum can build. Horses are connected to this rune and for further insight look to how you feel about this particular animal and what horses represent to you personally.


Madr: It is time to allow your powers of intuition and reason to work together rather than keeping them separate. It is now that you need to work on integrating the different parts of yourself without excluding any of them, and facing the not so nice bits is necessary to achieve wholeness. Self-knowledge is power right now, and the focus is on you.


Odal: Strong messages around the home, and if you are not settled and unable to move you should consider planting stuff in the garden to help you feel more rooted. Family is important right now, and benefits will be gained from strengthening ties with those you consider family. You have inherited talents, and it is time to put these to good use.


Thurs: The time has come to cut through situations to get to the core truth. This rune is about clearing the way ahead, and you must fight against those circumstances or people that are holding you back. There is a need to overcome fear at this time, and you may well need to pull your socks up to increase your potency. Used in rune magic for willpower and protection.


Naud: This is the rune of restraint and indicates a need to be more self-sufficient at this time. It's a rune that creates boundaries so we may focus on the basics in life. Something may be drastically out of balance, and the need is to strip ourselves of the things that are superficial. It teaches us the value of endurance and reminds us to recognise the difference between needs and wants.


Pertra: This rune says it is a time to bring our your potential. Pertra is a reminder that we need to be connected to our physical body to get the best from the energies that are present. We need to focus on what is rather than what isn't there whilst being honest about what we can and can't do. It is a time to look at ourselves closely and throw off any negative labels we may be carrying around.


Eoh: When this rune appears we are having to face our own mortality but not in the morbid sense. It is about learning how to see the spiritual in everything around us and in doing so we learn that there are beginnings and endings in all things. Life conquers death and death conquers life. Neither exists without the other.


Ing: This rune has the power to access genetic memory, and you may be called to look at the past for some answers. There is a need bring something to completion, and you may have to retreat to gain clarity on exactly who you are. Used in rune magic for grounding. A good symbol for both invoking and completion. 


Feh: A rune that tells of wealth and blessings. Not only a good sign on the material plane, it indicates fulfilment coming because of missions accomplished both spiritually and mentally too. Whatever is gained at this time must be used for the greater good which means no hoarding, that'll only stop the energy from returning to you in the future. A good positive symbol for candle magic if you need to increase your wealth and sense of abundance. 

Included in a set of runes is a blank stone. Sometimes just called Odin's rune, it is the rune of destiny, of no answers being available, of having to just trust life itself, and having to find faith in something bigger than yourself.