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Freedom of expression is the most basic, but fundamental, right. Without it, human beings are reduced to automatons. - Ma Jian

Is This For You?

There can be an uncomfortable void between the ideal and reality of sharing our thoughts and feelings with others. Sometimes, what we want to share is just too personal to put it out there. At other times, it's just plain old inappropriate. If you need someone trustworthy to talk to, I’m here. If you have things to say that you don't feel you can say to anyone without being judged or criticised, I’m exactly the right kind of person to call. If you need a friendly ear every now and again and don’t want to commit to regular sessions, the counselling I offer may be for you.

What I Offer

I'm all too aware of the popular misconceptions that exist in relation to self-expression. I understand the risks associated with sharing personal problems. This is primarily a listening based service with the focus on you being able to offload and talk about the things you're unable to say to anyone else. I offer a completely confidential and impartial service to anyone who needs it. Predominantly, I'm here to listen; suggestions might be offered if it's appropriate but the main aim is to help lighten your load and let you know that you're not alone. In these sessions, I mainly offer compassion and understanding. Over the years, what I’ve found is that many people don’t need anything too complicated and simply need to lighten their internal load. If you want a more dynamic form of interaction with me, I can suggest booking a counselling with tools session. For intensive and regular support, you could benefit from having mentoring or even an Insight & Analysis session.

What You Get

A trustworthy confidante who can give you insightful and highly intuitive feedback and support when needed. These sessions are non-intrusive, nonjudgemental, and non-antagonistic; you're given a safe space for you to off-load.  Talking things through can improve your general well-being and it can help you to widen your perspective. You'll finish your session feeling less isolated and more confident about facing the days ahead.

Ways To Use This Service

Basic Counselling - If you need to vent; I’m happy to listen to you vent to your heart's content; I understand that it's not possible to only say nice things nor feel happy all the time. You have complete freedom to express yourself - I won't take it personally and I won't hold it against you. Keeping Secrets: If you have a complicated love life, I can listen and advise when necessary. If you're having an affair and wrestle with guilt - or maybe you're happy with your new beau but now question whether to leave your long-term partner. Maybe you're hiding something else? Is it health or work related? Has someone else told you a secret and now you're feeling over-burdened and conflicted? Whatever the situation, I’ll listen and help you gain clarity of thought of feeling so you're in a better position to make decisions and take action. Stress Release: If work or home is creating too many problems it can lead to almost unbearable amounts of stress. If you need to let off steam about someone close, a co-worker, boss or project I can listen and offer advice, if wanted, on coping with the situation. Decision making is often stressful; if you're caught between a rock and a hard place, talking things through can help the right choice become more apparent. It's not always possible to find an objective ear among those close to you, especially if the decision making will impact them in less than desirable ways.

Counselling with Tools - Sometimes, it can be beneficial to bring other tools to the session - dream analysis, maybe analysing the signs around you, tarot, astrology, or even looking at your diet, lifestyle and general well-being. Are you actively looking for solutions to current issues, dilemmas, or situations? Using tools is better if you tend to take a more holistic approach to your problem solving but don’t need the regular and intensive support of a coaching and mentoring session. Any advice given will be tailored to your personality. I won’t suggest anything which is beyond your capabilities or outside the realms of your temperament. I’ll need your complete honesty, and the more you communicate, the easier it will be to find something that works.

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The desire for self-expression afflicts people when they feel there is something of themselves which is not getting through to the outside world. - Fay Wheldon

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When the other person is hurting, confused, troubled, anxious, alienated, terrified; or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth, uncertain as to identity, then understanding is called for. The gentle and sensitive companionship of an empathic stance… provides illumination and healing. In such situations deep understanding is, I believe, the most precious gift one can give to another. - Carl R. Rogers