Askalaphus (4946) was discovered on the 21st of January 1988 by Carolyn Jean Spellmann Shoemaker who was co-discoverer of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9; interestingly she holds the record for the most comets found by an individual. 

There are two characters in Greek myth who share this name and whilst it seems this asteroid was named after the son of Ares. Most astrologers who use the asteroids associate it more with the Askalaphus who was in charge of the orchards down in the underworld. He was responsible for telling Hades that Persephone had sneaked some pomegranate seeds which resulted in her having to spend part of every year down in hell. This infuriated her mother Demeter so much that she trapped Askalaphus under a rock but he was released by Hercules, and when she caught sight of him again she turned him into a Screech owl.  

If we use this to find meaning in our own natal Askalaphus, we can find a point in the chart where we have issues with either keeping quiet about something or possibly the opposite in holding back on important information. To be fair to Askalaphus, we can see that he only told his boss the truth. Should he have kept his mouth shut? It's understandable that Demeter was angry, but her daughter was told not to eat anything and didn't listen, but we can see that Askalaphus is getting the blame when it should be landing on the shoulders of Persephone. This could reveal something about the nature of this asteroid; it could be that it carries some unfair level of blame, a kind of don't shoot the messenger warning label maybe needs to be attached. There is almost certainly the need for a revelation to be made but as to whether and why it is revealed may be shown by aspects from the main planets. Some have connected this asteroid to the whistleblower type of person. Whistleblowers never have it easy; they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

I have to give some time to looking at the other Askalaphus. All references that I've found point to it being named after a son of Ares. He was King of Orchomenus and twin brother of Ialmenus. The brothers led the Orchomenian contingent in the Trojan War. Ascalaphus died as a result of a spear thrown by Deiphobus. There is little information that I can find on him which is probably why the other one is used to delineate the meaning. The problem I have with this comes down to accuracy. All I can suggest is that if you have this particular bit of space dust prominent in your chart - ask yourself which story seems to resonate more strongly. I have my own reasons to feel that there is indeed a strong connection to making something public knowledge. 

Digging a bit deeper, he's working in the underworld. Could this give the ability to bring something into light that is taking place beneath the surface? He reports on something that no one else saw. He was the only witness. Askalaphus may have the ability to pick up on things that others do not see, but it may not be welcomed. Does Demeter form any aspects to your natal Askalaphus? A harsh aspect could indicate an internal conflict over whether you should say something that needs to be said. In synastry, it may indicate that you see the other planet person very clearly; you may not let them get away with anything.