Chiron - By Sign & House Position

The mythology behind the names of planets and asteroids are a useful way to find the meaning, or their interpretation, in the birth chart. We can get the gist of something better if we can see the bigger picture and understanding the reasons behind something can help to digest what may be a difficult pill to swallow. Chiron was born to an ocean nymph mother who was copulating with the Titan Kronos. When he was nearly caught by his wife, he transformed himself into a horse to disguise himself. As a result, she was fertilised with half human, half horse seed. Chiron was completely abandoned by his father. He was also rejected by his mother when she saw she had given birth to something strange. He became renowned for his skill in healing, medicine, prophecy, hunting, music, and gymnastics. He trained and befriended many of the great heroes including Achilles, Jason, Herakles, and was especially close to his grandson Peleus. Later in his years, he was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow in his leg, this was the only wound he could never cure. Because of the suffering and pain, he relinquished his immortality to free Prometheus. 

In your chart, Chiron is going to point to where you can amass your best skills. It's also going to show you where you're most likely to feel abandoned, and possibly suffer an incurable wound later in life. The house will show the area of life, and the sign will show the traits. Because Chiron is a slow mover, house position and the aspects it makes to personal planets are more important than the sign. 

Through The Signs

Aries - Skills and wounds connected to violence, independence. Fight or flight response easily activated and dramatic reactions when defences are activated. Will retaliate strongly if they have to. 
Taurus - To do with food, possessions, whatever physical things they value. Fear of loss or a lack of comfort, security has to be real or insecurity runs rife. Could be hoarders. 
Gemini - Wounded or skilled in communication. Issues with brothers/sisters, or maybe issues around early schooling. Fears being unintelligent or not getting answers to questions.  

Cancer - Wounded mother/mothering, the ability to give and receive nurture. Will be especially sensitive to emotional rejection.

Leo - Extreme sensitivity to all forms of attention. Wounding of the divine child inside; playfulness affected somehow, and the ability to shine could be marred by lack of confidence. 
Virgo - Hyper-sensitive to criticism, maybe obsessive about health or completely neglect it. Likely to have suffered memorable humiliation on some level. Discernment can be mastered.
Libra - Ability to relate may be damaged by either too little or too much emphasis on the other. Wounded or skilled in fairness; or too much fairness, not enough independence.
Scorpio - Wounded or skilled around issues of sexuality or psychological power and control. Intense battles if prominently placed.  
Sagittarius - Personal freedom a big issue. Wounds around lies, hypocrisy, or the sense of humour could be compromised in some way. Could make a good comedian or satirist.
Capricorn - Authority figures may invoke intense emotions or reactions; the personal father is indicated either too cold and restrictive or not authoritarian enough. If personal moon involved the emphasis may shift to the mother. 
Aquarius - Feelings of being alienated or too crazy to be accepted, or maybe issues around living away from the place of birth either forced or needed. Uranus emphasised.  
Pisces - Feelings complex around the issue of sacrifice. Spirituality will need to be considered to get the maximum potential from this placement. Could be unbelievably compassionate.


Through The Houses

1st - The placement for someone who will need to show wounds openly or present themselves as a healer or helper. A need to be seen as teacher or healer; another typical occurrence in the charts of those that are here to be of service to those that are wounded.

2nd - Possessions and material security important. A sense of fear around poverty. Could also feel wounded at having to be in a physical body, or feel restricted by it somehow.  

3rd - Insecurity around communication or early education. Wounds coming through these areas of life; feeling rejected by brothers and sisters, or finding early school life lonely. 

4th - The past, coming from a wounded sense of family or feeling rejected by it. Disconnected from roots. 

5th - Creativity is of great importance, art may be the medium used to express or work through one's woundedness. Children may also be a source of anxiety or ones inner child may have been damaged. 
6th - Work or service with those that are injured in some way. Many with this Chiron placement will work to heal or help others.
7th - Likely to be played out in the arena of close relationships; may well attract a wounded partner if personal wounds are denied.
8th - Intimacy is likely to be affected, or there could be problems in sexual expression. Highly sensitive individual. Trust is especially important. Old wounds around deep betrayal.
9th - Wounds around religion or spirituality. Your ability to see the bigger picture or be philosophical could be damaged, or you may have to work through painful stuff before you can access your higher mind.
10th - Public status an important issue. A need to be accepted in the eyes of society or feeling like you will never achieve it or feeling you don't deserve it or feeling abandoned by the state or the father. 
11th - Ideals, groups, or friends could be showing you your wounds or possibly being wounded through them. Your sense of uniqueness could be just don't feel special.

12th - Felt on a subconscious level; may be difficult to access unless devotion to a higher consciousness is present, working within institutions may be beneficial or even a necessity. Another regular occurrence in the chart of healers and helpers. This one has been handed down through the family psyche, and they refused the calling to heal. It's down to you now.