Planets Conjunct The Nodes

A quick note on Delineation

The sign the planet is in will modify and refine an interpretation e.g. Mercury in Aries on the south node would indicate that aggressive communication causes problems and needs to be transformed into direct and assertive rather than antagonistic. Another point worth mentioning is that when a planet is in its naturally opposite sign and on the south node, it will need to be matured and used to achieve long-term goals. e.g. Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces, Venus in Scorpio or Aries, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Cancer, and Uranus in Leo. This is because it's the north node planetary ruler, and it'll create a kind of back and forth effect between the poles. 


North: The very person you are will help to pull you forward, your core personality is the key. 
South: You must guard against holding yourself back with old negative behaviour patterns.



North: Emotionally tuned in to where you need to be going. Feminine energy will pull you forward, male or female you must learn to both accept and give nurturing to others.  
South: Old feelings pull you back towards your past. Karma around mothering. If anything you may get too emotionally concerned instead of focusing on other areas of your life....such as work. 



North: Communication will play a significant part in your long-term destiny. Teaching or writing should be considered even if just as a hobby.
South: Gossip? A need to learn to use communication better. 



North: Beauty, art, and benefits from others will light up your path forward. You're heading towards luxury and life being comfortable. 
South: A need to understand jealousy or envy. Beauty has been very important, make choices wisely around relationships. Don't always take the easy option. 



North: Having to develop courage and independence, your willpower is supporting you in fulfilling your soul purpose. Drive and ambition will be strong in whichever area of life this combination falls in. 
South: Force, aggression, or your willpower will be stumbling blocks unless you learn to use what you have wisely. Military or martial pursuits could've played a big part of your past. 



North: A need to rely on faith and increase your levels of optimism. Expansion is promised in whichever area this combination is placed; a need to think big and aim high.   
South: Greed and over indulgence in the finer things of life, selfishness and materialism could be stumbling blocks to happiness. Unhealthy religious leanings may need to be addressed. Blind faith and over-optimism may cause problems.



North: A very serious attitude towards achieving your goals and soul purpose. It is important to structure your long term plans in a way that you can work cautiously but consistently. Traditions will need to be honoured in some way.
South: Traditions may hold you back, and it's likely you will have to break away from accepted ways of doing things. You are carrying obligations and commitments that will have to be honoured during the first half of your life.



North: Sudden and unexpected changes in direction. A need to break away from convention and do your own thing. Finding a path that no one has yet explored.
South: Can be very aggressive on the south node, disruption pulling you back just as you feel you're getting somewhere. This indicates rebel tendencies that hinder. 



North: Spiritual or artistic leanings must be honoured, and there is an indication of having to surrender to the soul purpose. Acceptance will be a key factor in following your dreams. Visionary ability needs to be honoured to progress. 
South: Monastic or other religious teachings may cloud your future, or delusions and a lack of clarity may hold you back. Sacrifices were made in the past, but this trait may now be an obstacle that needs to be overcome.



North: A need to constantly reconsider your goals and soul purpose. Healing and psychology may need to be brought into the life to get where it is you're going. An understanding of the complexity of human needs will benefit.
South: Hidden motivations and a lack of trust could well be a problem for you; betrayal has featured strongly in your past but were you the victim or the one that betrayed? The answer may be the key to unlocking the reason for mistrust.