Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Common associations are the colour sea green, and the number 7. It rules the feet in the physical body, and its symbol is the fishes. The sign is connected to. Its keywords are I believe.

Pisces as a sign is sensitive to the environment and will pick up on everything subconsciously. It is said that Pisces rules dreaming and daydreaming, and if this ability is worked on it can lead to being able to understand and decipher dreams and visions. Pisces is connected to all that is seen on the psychic/subconscious planes of existence. One of the more annoying aspects of Pisces is its inability to communicate in a way that is understood by all and many will frustrate partners and friends alike as they communicate far too much in their daydreams but don't say a word in reality. Whilst it can be true that Pisceans form very strong psychic connections, those of us without Pisces or a strong Neptune in the chart will not hear those words, and we will certainly not trust the bizarre messages sent by the cosmos to enforce the Piscean contact. So, if we are connected to a Piscean we have to trust those feelings that come from nowhere, irrespective of how odd or surreal they might feel. As frustrating as it may be to have no clarity on what the content means, it should be enough that the connection is there in the first place. Time and patience is needed to learn what those formless vibes mean, but whilst we wait, there is no option other than to just allow these feelings to come and go....and know in your heart that Pisces is reaching for you. At the other end of the scale, we have Pisceans who are no more than psychic vampires feeding off the emotions of others and never giving anything back; they get under your skin to manipulate situations and responses. This sort needs a wide birth if you are sensitive yourself; they will tap into your energy and leave you drained and despondent. 

Creative inspiration comes from the domain of Pisces and although it takes a different energy to manifest the creation, if we have no Pisces we have no vision to begin with. Piscean energy does struggle with reality, and that is a life long battle. Once Pisces learns to keep a foot in both worlds life becomes much easier, and anyway, those fishes in the zodiac are swimming in opposite directions...

Pisces in the chart shows where and how we can access the hidden; it shows us what we dream about the most. In the 10th, it is work and status. In the 4th, we may constantly dream of finding the ideal place to live. In the 8th, we may need to be submerged with those we are involved with, and in the 3rd we need to keep an eye that we communicate clearly. The Moon in Pisces is unbelievably receptive to its surroundings and soaks up every vibe. Mars in Pisces takes some integrating as it can be a case of war versus peace. Saturn in Pisces was described by Alastair Crowley as the German measles of Christian mysticism and points to the disillusionment of organised religion; Saturn is a hard task master and gives many signs a hard time, but for poor Pisces, it must be like trying to swim in a concrete wetsuit.