Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Common associations are the colours black, brown, and dark blue, and the number 8. It rules the teeth, skin, and bones in the physical body. Its zodiac symbol is the goat. The sign is connected to status, career, and traditions. Its keywords are I use

Capricorn is another traditionally boring sign giving too much focus to structure and status. The sign of the goat implies an ability to climb roads that no one else would consider and also of keeping a firm footing even when on incredibly dangerous ground. The goat also has a connection to the pagan God Pan and some say that Capricorn has the gift to have one foot in this world and another in the next. Capricorn has a traditional outlook on marriage and is not known for its romantic capabilities, it would much rather everyone just picked somebody and made do….til death did they part. It looks to the past with fondness of the old ways, and whilst I agree many answers can be found by looking backwards, I don’t think we need a return of Victorian England to sort out all of societies problems. Status is important to this sign and they do want to be seen as successful but for very different reasons to Leo; Capricorn wants to gain a reputation for being a good capable leader, one who can do what needs to be done regardless of the situation or circumstances. This sign can have a business first pleasure second mentality. Frequently, those with a heavy Capricorn chart will be workaholics, and emotions can take a back seat in those who are less aware of the benefits of balance. 

Most organisations such as banks and governments are symbolic of Capricorn, and without this sign, there would be no society. Whilst some of us like to think we could do away with these things, the truth is we can only move forward if we have structure and without it, we sit in the dark ages. Virgo may give us nurses, and Scorpio the doctors, but Capricorn gives us the hospital itself. Because of the nature of the goat, Capricorn can be surprisingly confident in straying into territories others wouldn’t, and in doing so, we gain access to ground that would remain unexplored.

Wherever Capricorn is in the chart we have to accept that it matters we succeed in that area. When being judged by society, it is this area of the life that we are most vulnerable and also most confident if we are attending to our needs. The Moon in Capricorn can be incredibly reserved and is a placement frequently connected to addictions, though Jupiter here can be restricted in its scope of vision. Saturn in Capricorn is strong, and the individual may forever feel insecure regardless of the position gained in life.