Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Common associations are the colour electric blue, and green turquoise, and the number 4. It rules the lower legs, and circulation in the physical body. Its zodiac symbol is the water bearer. The sign is connected to humanitarianism, groups, ideals, and friendship. Its keywords are I know.

Aquarians are the freedom fighters of the zodiac, but that is not to say they can't form long-term attachments. Aquarius can be incredibly humanitarian, yet at the same time, it has to fight to retain its independence. As soon as the group becomes static or lacks originality, Aquarius has the dilemma of changing its mind about the ideal, or conforming. Conforming for the average Aquarian spells death to the gift of the sign, which is to be unique yet still an accepted member of humanity. Ideas really do come out of nowhere, and originality of thought is one thing they all like to think they have. Having the image of the water bearer presents us with a sign that is adept at containing water (emotion) without becoming immersed. The image also shows the water being separate from the self, and Aquarians can and will detach from their emotional state if it threatens to spill out. This does not mean the sign is incapable of feeling because other chart factors also have a say, but the basic nature of Aquarius has nothing to do with personal relationships. Aquarians can be accused of sitting in ivory towers whilst dictating what needs to be done to improve the lives of all mankind and, although the ideals are noble they can be impractical without the aid of some common sense.

They can be predictably unpredictable and can be capable of putting their own self on the back burner quicker than most, and they rarely demand anything in return. A part of them belongs in outer space exploring galaxies or maybe travelling on the back of a streak of lightning. The sharpness of an Aquarian mind knows no bounds, Gemini may be better at gathering information and Scorpio will understand the depths but it is Aquarius who creates rockets and spaceships.

Einstein himself had a strongly placed Jupiter in Aquarius, the planet of the higher mind meeting the sign of unique independent thought. Mercury in Aquarius also gives razor sharp faculties. The Moon placed here needs to love at a distance. Saturn will place further emphasis on the battle that rages between the tried and tested methods that sustain us, and branching off into the unknown; it is the inner knowing that sometimes we have to conform and yet still retain our originality. In the 3rd house, it gives a communicator with a difference. In the 4th, a feeling of not belonging anywhere. In the 7th, it attracts crazy partners who need to be on a piece of elastic not rope though the 7th is also what we project and the need for freedom really belongs to those with Aquarius on the 7th house cusp. On the ascendant, there is a demand for a unique appearance.