Taurus is ruled by Venus. Common associations are pastel colours, and the number 6. It rules the neck and throat in the physical body; its zodiac symbol is the bull. The sign is connected to comfort, art, and values. Its keywords are I have

The image of the bull represents the typical Taurean temper which is fairly hard to provoke but lethal if they decide to charge at you. Sensuality and touch are vitally important to this sign and touch itself is a good indicator as to how they feel towards you. Taurus is a growing sign both metaphorically and physically and many Taureans make excellent gardeners and builders thanks to their patience and desire to create things of beauty. Weight gain can be a problem for some due to the love of food which is primarily seen as a source of comfort, but obviously, other chart factors can modify this. The physical body is usually strong, and the endurance capable by this sign is impressive to say the least. If they have an important project, they rarely give up before collapsing in a heap. The phrase sitting bull always comes to mind; as children, you'll see them fold their arms across the chest, and they'll visibly lower themselves into the ground. The Taurean may modify the physical actions as they get older,  but the stubbornness and refusal to budge increases with age. 

Taurus is naturally placed in the second house which represents self-worth and personal values. It is this association which gives Taurus the connection to greed and materialism, although the meaning goes much deeper than mere possessions. Taurus is here to learn about what he treasures the most and to establish a good solid set of personal values. Objects of beauty and anything promoting stability will always appeal, but the only reason he holds onto things so tightly is that he fears barrenness and loss of comfort. It’s not really about greed, more about being able to relax in pleasant surroundings and it is Taurus (more so than Capricorn) who keeps a secret stash of money, just in case. Their comfort zone with finances has to allow for rainy days, or they can get insecure and tetchy. 

When in love a Taurus woman will be loyal and stand by her man til the death and if any sign is staying in a marriage past its sell-by date, it’s this one. The men can be equally reluctant to let go of a stable relationship even if it doesn’t fit too well emotionally. This is not a sign that likes change and if they are forced to move around or be rootless for any reason it will disorientate them severely. 

Mars in Taurus will increase the endurance levels dramatically. The Moon here needs a stable home life to feel emotionally secure, and wherever Taurus is in the chart, it will give additional clues to what the soul values in this lifetime.