Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Common associations are the colours blood red, black, and turquoise, and the number 0. It rules the nose, blood, the colon, and genitals in the physical body. Its zodiac symbol is the scorpion. The sign is connected to sex, death, and transformation. Its keywords are I desire

Scorpio probably has the worst reputation of the zodiac, but I think they like it that way. It is said the power inherent in Scorpio is in the ability to help others purge themselves to transform whatever has become lifeless. Far from being associated with death, it is connected to regeneration. Death is not the goal, new life is, and to regenerate we have to keep clearing out that which is no longer useful. I understand the reluctance of many to let go of the old, but it is a necessary part of life itself, after all, the only true constant in life is change. The funny thing is, Scorpio is also linked to possessiveness but when you have the underlying knowledge that change is essential and life could alter things at any given moment there is no wonder the average Scorpio tries to hold on very tightly; he is more aware than most that nothing is guaranteed. Healing is strong in this sign because of the ability to release toxins whether they are physical, emotional, or mental and many doctors will be born under this sign. Scorpio has strong connections to psychology and depth analysis; there is no fear in this sign to go exploring the deep dark depths of the psyche, and if anything it’s a healthy expression of the sign. 

Scorpio is not allowed to be light and carefree in this lifetime, and they are simply doing what they were born to do. Without the energy of Scorpio there would be no new life, no progress, no garbage collection, and no surgeons. Scorpio is my favourite time of year and always has been, the skies are crisp and stars somehow clearer; the air is clean and the nights are dark, and of course we have Halloween. Many cultures have a similar festival at this time of year where the departed are honoured and remembered yet these celebrations are not depressing nor morbid in the slightest.

The place that Scorpio sits in your chart is the place you must work to release that which is no longer useful or holding you back. Scorpio is a passionate sign and only surrounds itself with the things that drive that passion, we have no half measures here. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s love or hate, but the one thing that brings death to the power is indifference. The Moon in Scorpio is one of the hardest positions to contend with because emotions are deep and not well tolerated by anyone in the zodiac; paranoia and suspicion are never far away, the antidote here is to take the high road in life and use the energies in the best way possible. Mercury here gives a penetrating mind whereas Venus in Scorpio is passionate and love is all consuming.