Libra is also ruled by Venus. Common associations are all pastel colours, and the number 6. It rules the kidneys and the lower back in the physical body. Its zodiac symbol is the scales. The sign is connected to relationships, balance, and fairness. Its keywords are I balance.

Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac and tends to spend most of its time keeping the peace and making sure everyone is happy. Pleasant, sociable and likeable they make friends quickly and like to keeps things light and chatty. The image of the scales shows the need for balance and equality, yet this extends into every aspect of the Libran’s life and does not just mean relationships. A common misconception with this sign is that it doesn’t fight, when in fact, it will react very strongly to perceived injustice. Justice itself has strong connections to Libra, and in Tarot, the Justice card is represented by the same scales that Librans carry everywhere.   

They work hard at being people pleasers and can give the impression they are ditzy which is usually far from true. They'll ask everyone for advice but what most don’t see is that Libra, after asking the world and his dog what they think, goes off and does exactly what he wanted to do in the first place ignoring at least 85% of what has been said to him. It is painfully true that they are indecisive and will sit on the fence forever and a day when it comes to the commitment of anything…but only because they are permanently wondering if a better option is going to come along. What Libra fears most is not making a decision but making a bad decision. As the sign most strongly connected to marriage it comes as no surprise that relating is of prime importance, they make brilliant negotiators as they frequently see both sides of an argument and can see the best solution for keeping everyone happy.

In a birth chart, the house that Libra occupies is the house we work harder at reaching agreements; it shows us where we need to be as fair as humanly possible. The Moon in Libra will give emotional indecisiveness but strong desires to be in a relationship. Saturn makes relating the karmic testing ground; triangles can be indicated, but the 3rd point does not have to be another person, it can be work, ideals or even the in-laws. The north node in Libra shows prior selfish habits that have to be overcome and that the art of compromise is to be mastered.