Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Common associations are the colour silvery pearl, and the number 2. It rules the breasts on the physical body, and its zodiac symbol is the crab. The sign is connected to nurturing and the feminine mysteries. Its keywords are I feel.

Cancer is the sign of the home, and whilst children belong under the sign of Leo it is Cancer which links to mothering. The ability to nurture is crucial in ensuring male and female Cancerians are happy and well balanced. The connection to family will be strong for good or bad, and even if a Cancer Sun remains childless, they will need to nurture something or someone whether it's friends, a partner, or animals. The worst quality has to be the fussing and in some cases whining. In my head, I get visions of a woman in a pinny going through the checklist of hat, scarf, umbrella, sun cream, etc., and preparing her child for all eventualities before he even steps out of the door. Home cooked meals and ironed sheets with flowers in vases, and thinking about it, I wonder if it’s more difficult for this sign to manifest a lot of its potential in today’s society? One thing is for sure, Cancer really does care and puts a lot of effort into making sure everything is taken care of. The crab as the emblem gives insight into the need for the sign to periodically retreat and that at times it could appear more intimidating than it is; crab pincers can hurt, but they can’t kill you unless you’re incredibly small. The only time this sign will fight is if home or loved ones are being threatened in some way.

The gift of clairsentience has strong connections to this sign and the ability to feel the emotions of others is a valuable tool but a difficult one to live with. There is no need to be in the same space to pick up on loved ones, and Cancerians will often experience feelings which belong to anyone and everyone. The crab carries its home everywhere, and it may be that Cancer is more comfortable when they're actually at home, but they don't have the same fears around moving that Taureans do. Being ruled by the Moon they are traditional moody and it is said this is because they are tuned into the lunar tides and will often switch every couple of days as the Moon itself changes sign. An ability to pick on the direction relationships are going in can be useful when dealing with others but the one thing they must guard against is becoming overly obsessed with their own internal dramas and relying too heavily on others. Cancerians will be either unashamedly needy or sensationally supportive, but rarely anything in between and their ability to draw emotion from others can be both healing and parasitic. It is one of those signs where there is great importance in developing emotional intelligence, and whereas Gemini needs to be at school, this sign needs to be utilising the emotional gifts they have. We constantly expect to be mentally educated yet dismiss emotions as something troublesome that have to be tolerated. We have as much to gain through increasing our understanding of the world of feeling as we do of exploring the ocean itself.

Cancer in the chart shows us where we need to nurture more;  it also shows us where we are more vulnerable and emotionally open. The Moon in Cancer is particularly powerful, and Saturn here will restrict the feeling nature. Prominent Cancer anywhere will think nothing of crying in front of others.