Ruled by Mars; common associations are the colour red, and the number 9. It rules the head on the physical body. Its zodiac symbol is the ram. The sign is connected to action, adventure, war, survival, and competition. Its keywords are I am

Aries as the first sign of the zodiac contains the energy needed to initiate things into action. Headstrong, impulsive, impatient, and honest, are all well-known keywords for this sign and I don’t think it’s an accident that Aries was given rulership of the head. When we are born it is generally the first part of the body to emerge, and the words Aries and headfirst fit well together. Aries can be incredibly competitive and will not usually turn down a challenge, it is a sign that most definitely plays to win. Even though Mars has rulership, it's more a defender than attacker and Aries can be very quick to defend those who are vulnerable. It is a sign that relies heavily on instinct, and the fight or flight response can be strong which may not be so good for day to day situations but essential if your life depends on it. They can be accused of throwing tantrums regardless of age, and that can be true of some yet the temper will often die down as quickly as it flared. It is worth remembering that Aries will react when provoked and contrary to some opinions, they don’t look for a fight - they just don't usually turn one down either. 

There is the lamb side to Aries which just wants to frolic around and enjoy the weather whilst checking out different patches of turf. Rarely will you find a bad bone in the Aries sign, both honesty and directness are important because they are busy people and see lies and beating around the bush as a waste of time. Getting straight to the point means they can deal with whatever’s next, and there is always something coming next which Aries has to be ready for it. They frequently do everything without thinking, and stillness is an ongoing battle for this sign; if you want to challenge them just ask them to sit still all day and do nothing. 

There is an innocence present in Aries that is not found in any other sign, and whilst Aries can commit it cannot always compromise. The need to win extends far and wide and even when passionately in love this is not a sign that would sacrifice the sense of self. Aries may well defend to the death, but he will never surrender his freedom to choose his own destiny. 

Aries in the chart shows where we need to take action, and it shows what initiates us into action in the first place. Aries Moons will do battle with the emotional self whereas Saturn in Aries has restrictions and major lessons around taking action. Venus and Mars here can both be self-serving but very passionate in love. If Aries is rising and the 1st house is packed, you might as well just call them Captain MeMe, and in the 6th house, it indicates a need to work alone.