The Problem With Astrologers

Astrology is not unique in that its practitioners can vary in their level of skill, sanity, and ability to communicate. Unfortunately from what I've seen; the good astrologers will often struggle to make their voices heard above the noise that is produced by those who are more adept in self-promotion. Those who have loud voices will often lack the necessary skills and sanity to be trusted anywhere near the general population. Astrology has, without a doubt, got its fair share of psychically unhinged types who are all too eager to amass willing followers to showcase their own personal brand of psychosis. As a general guide, I usually suggest the ones who are not so dogmatic with their claims and those who obviously care about reducing personal suffering in those around them. 

Astrologers can be snobbish, as can plenty of other professionals but we're dealing with the astrologers here, and you need to know they're as bad as any other group you'll find out there in society. It would be stupid and out of character if I tried to say they were ALL up their arses because that's just not true. But, spend any time on the scene, and you'll probably bear witness to it every now and again. Intellectual arrogance is possibly at the top of the list of flaws, and it can be seriously intimidating for beginners to be faced with the onslaught of opinion from the qualified or time-served astrologers. It wouldn't be so bad if they held themselves up to the standards they think they embody, but I've seen many that will claim intelligence and then they'll follow a set of ridiculous and hold an unsubstantiated heap of beliefs. For the record, I don't see Astrology as a science; for me it's a tool which can help us get to know the self better, and it can help to make us more aware of our own personal life-themes. It does have its own rules and they need to be followed; you can't just make it up as you go along, although many practitioners will try to do so. Astrology attracts people who have a fear of the unknown, and this fear is manipulated in all belief based systems. Astrology can't give you any absolutes and it can be difficult to remember this at times because of how it uses language. The thing is, you don't need to believe in Astrology at all, it's there to be used, not believed in. 

And this leads me on to the next problem: Faith, religion, spirituality, whatever you want to call it, has way too much of an influence in too many interpretations that I've found not only on the net but in books and magazines. And seriously, just because someone managed to get a book published means nothing in itself. It in no way gives any credence to the claims made within the pages, you have to be selective as to what kind of information you take on board.  If an Astrologer comes across as being fatalistic or heavily spiritual it's probably safe to assume they won't be all that helpful in the long run.