Venus With the Other Planets - Some Ideas

Sun - Gives warmth and a sunny disposition.

Moon - Creates a very pleasant nature if it is a harmonious aspect.

Mercury - May like to talk about love or have a love of words and writing.

Mars -  The relationship between Venus and Mars is another indicator of how well we can integrate our masculine and feminine principals

Jupiter - Expands everything it touches, a positive aspect between these two will magnify the Venus traits.

Saturn - Will inhibit the function of Venus, finding self-worth can be a battle and a half.

Uranus - Will make the individual restless and create a freedom versus closeness dilemma.

Neptune - Romantic idealism is likely to be present. Illusion and deception are possible with hard aspects.

Pluto - Obsessive and relentless about the object of their desires

Chiron - Wounded feminine principal. Can be used to bring healing to others after painful relationships, may also be brilliant with helping others with self-esteem or confidence issues.