Saturn In Transit

I'm only offering insight into the hard aspects as they are more challenging to deal with. Saturn transits can be felt up to eight degrees before it becomes exact and it can be up to eight degrees afterwards for things to settle. Frequently, it'll be when the transit is almost exact that events manifest and situations have to be dealt with. Other aspects that you need to consider are the trine, inconjunct, sextile, and quintile. The inconjunct especially may show a challenging time whereas the quintile could bring the gifts of the planet being affected and you may find yourself becoming more committed to developing your talents. The sextile is supposed to be easy, yet you need to utilise the energy as it demands effort and co-operation on your part. Trines let the energy flow more easily; you might have more support or easier circumstances to deal with the Saturnian energies. Saturn transits to Chiron can be particularly challenging if in hard aspect; I have noticed a high number of teenagers having problems with this combination, and I've only seen the worst of it so it would be difficult for me to say anything positive or balanced. In recent years, the kids have had to contend with the dreaded Saturn opposition Saturn and Saturn Conjunct natal Chiron at the same time; the teens have a hard enough time as it is without these two giving them the once over (or three times over in some cases). Saturn crossing the angles and Nodes are also highly significant and will mark turning points to the life path (north node). Isobel Hickey claims Saturn on the ascendant is one of the hardest time in life, whilst on the M.C it can bring promotion and success if the effort has been there beforehand.


Conjunction - This can be a difficult phase as you question yourself more deeply, it could be a time of changes as you are currently undergoing a maturation of your soul. You must take yourself seriously now and drop any behaviour that is no longer useful to you. Those around you will notice you're more reserved and it may be that way for some time. Saturn always imposes isolation of some description, but this is the you of you that needs to be kept out of sight for a while so that it can do any necessary repairs to your ego.

Square - As above but without the heaviness. Obstacles may well be more apparent, yet persistence will pay off. Personality clashes with authority figures are indicated here.

Opposition - Confrontation between who you were and who you are. Authority figures may challenge everything you are about as a person. On a soul level you are being tested for your strength of character; anything that is not truly you will show as a weakness, choose to lose it or build on it, it's your choice. The point to this transit is to develop that which is useful and to learn when something is letting you down to let it go.


Conjunction - It is possible that you could be emotionally isolated during this time and certainly feel more sensitive to rejection and coldness from others. It could be that you have little time for more enjoyable pursuits because of work or other obligations. You may find it harder just to let go and relax. In the company of others, you could be more reserved than normal. The positive lessons of this transit would enable you to become more self-sufficient, or more supportive of others without needing anything in return. If you are too expressive emotionally, this transit could help you to develop self-control. Your natural defences may be more easily activated, but you must not feel obligated to justify this. Look instead at the deeper reasons behind them, at one time they were necessary for your emotional survival. You may feel depressed or just heavy inside. The sign involved is important to the effects of this conjunction; water may find it more difficult than earth, and fire will struggle against any kind of restriction.

Square - As above, there could be other environmental factors affecting situations that give struggle. Obstacles that need to be
overcome. This is a time where you will be given insight into the possible themes when this pair are in opposition.

Opposition - Look back to the times of the square and conjunction as it may help in seeing what issues are likely to arise. This can be a time of enforced emotional isolation. Conflict between work and home is highly likely, especially if 4th/10th house or Cancer/Capricorn is involved.


Conjunction - Having to focus your thoughts on serious matters. A time of losing your usual sense of humour. You may get sick of having to think about things you'd rather not. There could be a change in the way you relate to siblings, possibly having to take a more parental approach or things becoming cooler between you.
Square - Obstacles and interference with concentration that must be dealt with, avoidance will not help at this time.

Opposition - Your way of thinking will be tested during this time, and you may have to defend your opinions. Arguments are likely as this is a time for thoughts to be conflicted. If you can work any internal dilemmas in a constructive way, they will not manifest, but the avoidance of internal discomfort will lead to it being projected into your environment.


Conjunction - The house placement is important for interpretation because the area of life that will be affected will determine to what degree your close relationships are affected. The 2nd/6th/10th will be an increase in seriousness towards work/money/career matters and is a good time for steady progress as you will be more dedicated than normal. If it's the 5th/7th/8th, close associations may cool, or you may not be as demonstrative as usual. The 5th could show an increased commitment to a child.

Square - There could be blockages and obstacles to achieving the things you desire. Sharing is not easy at this time but look at situations honestly if you're feeling miserly. Seven years from now will see the opposition and separation is possible then if you don't secure things now.

Opposition - One to one relationships cannot be taken for granted, disagreements are likely, and you must take events seriously. A good time to get distance from emotionally challenging situations. As with all oppositions, if you don't own this transit it will show itself in your environment, and others will act it out for you.


Conjunction - Restrictions are likely to be felt strongly. An increase in frustration at not being able to get on and do what you want, stick with it if it's what you want, you're dedication is being tested. Life is all about steady, cautious progress at this time.

Square - As above but the situation may require more effort on your part. It can be less restricting than the conjunction, and you should find that although there are blockages you have more freedom to be constructive.

Opposition - A time of frustration and irritation at the progress you are making. There could be direct opposition to what you want to achieve; try to recognise the source of conflict as that may help in finding solutions to your current situation. Keep an eye on your overall energy level as this is rather like having a car that is stuck in mud...too much revving of the engine without getting anywhere that could lead to burnout.


Conjunction - Natural enthusiasm and optimism could be compromised right now. However, cautious expansion could move mountains as long as you have the patience. A good time to re-evaluate your opinions and beliefs.

Square - The restrictions and obstacles may well cause you to feel a little negative, and although concentration will come easy it may not be welcomed. A brilliant time for looking at further education with honesty. Personal beliefs could be a source of conflict.  

Opposition - This could highlight a time where the old and the new both struggle for power. Differences in opinion that are likely to span generations could be a source of conflict. This is a period of time where you may have to work very hard to make only a little progress.


Conjunction - The Saturn return. Signals a massive growing up phase; at 29 it's about gaining your autonomy and having to distance yourself from the wishes of your parents, it's about learning to parent yourself. Because a new cycle is beginning, there could be endings with work or love if it's not sustainable for the long term. Events that happen at this time often have far-reaching implications. If you're nearly sixty, it's often decisions around work, and making necessary preparations for a more comfortable old age.

Square - Not as dramatic as the return or opposition yet life will still present you with challenges and obstacles that are aimed at making you more self-sufficient.

Opposition - Frequently a time for major upheaval around work but where there is resistance from others. The houses involved need to be examined as the area of life this is taking place in will give more details as to exactly how things will be affected and by whom.


Conjunction - I've noticed this can be a very intense time emotionally as old wounds are reactivated, and defences are on high alert.
Vulnerability is apparent; and you must guard against putting yourself in situations where you don't feel comfortable as you are likely to react more strongly to threats against your well-being emotionally, mentally, and physically.  

Square - Another difficult time but without the intensity or rawness of the conjunction.It may benefit to have someone you can work through the issues that arise rather than isolating yourself or getting overwhelmed by old baggage.

Opposition - Those in authority are likely to be pressing buttons to wounds that were already in place during your teens. A sense of being rejected is possible, and you may judge yourself too harshly at times for your failings. However, you are probably not looking at yourself realistically, and likely punishing yourself for things that you have or had no control over. Look at signs involved for the body's weakened areas during this time.  


Conjunction - This should be a time for establishing new ways of being or doing things. If it follows a period of turbulence in your life, it could help to stabilise things again. There could be an opportunity to bring a long-desired goal into reality.

Square - Many of your generation will be experiencing these transits together. As above but with more irritation to achieving your   
desires; try to understand the root causes before the opposition arrives.

Opposition - The archetypal battle between Saturn and Uranus..will Saturn be cutting the bollocks of Uranus? Or will the uniqueness that is you survive? You must find a way to please both of these is essential to your long-term well-being. To have a battle would result in one of them being defeated, both have a right to exist. Do not sacrifice one at the expense of the other.


Conjunction - This transit can be difficult regardless of the aspect. It can represent a time where a soul sickness is felt. A crisis of faith or at the very least a serious questioning of all that you have never questioned. Could also be a time of having your bubbles burst.

Square - Difficulties in balancing faith with the intellect, conflict between obligations and that which your soul longs for.

Opposition - Not a comfortable time, the battle between self-sufficiency and oneness. Isolation v merger. Look to the rest of your chart to see who needs what. 


Conjunction - In work, I see a lot of people who are or recently have had this transit. Its effects can be brutal, but usually, it's only if you have been stubbornly refusing to change and grow as a person. This transit will not let you go forward until you have let go of everything that you no longer need or truly want. Work and marriage are commonly affected by this transit. Don't settle for misery, boredom, or comfort if you're not genuinely happy.

Square - As above but not half as intense, a time of preparation for the opposition.

Opposition - The Saturn-Pluto transits can bring up deep psychological patterns and any transit between the two is a good time to be in therapy or doing other things that help to heal old ways of being. Having Saturn demanding you attend to parts of yourself that you'd rather not look at does not make it a bad process, you are being called to accept more responsibility for you own psychological workings. Power struggles on the inside and externally with others are likely, but because of the planets involved, I strongly recommend you dig deep for answers rather than taking on the persona of a victim of circumstances beyond your control.