Just Talking About The Moon

In the birth chart, the natal Moon can help to describe our emotional body. The sign the Moon was in at birth is said to describe our basic emotional temperament; we then need to look at which house the Moon is placed, and that will give us the area of life we can be at our most emotional. Thirdly, we need to look at any aspects to our Moon; some planetary aspects are easier to deal with than others. In understanding our Moon, we can gain a lot of understanding in what makes us tick, and more importantly, what it is that we need to survive emotionally. 

There are a couple of different ways in which we can read the Moon. We can gain information about the mothering we received as children, and as adults, we can get insight into how we mother others and that includes partners as well as any children we may have. It gives us insight into what provokes us emotionally, the bits that are super sensitive, but it will also provide clues in how to deal with the sensitivity. 

If we can understand the nature of our Moon, we can make choices that benefit our emotional well-being. Astrology can be brilliant for teaching us how we're all emotionally different. If we're in a relationship, we can see how we differ from our partner and use the knowledge to create harmony. Even if we have very different emotional needs, it doesn't mean the relationship is doomed. However, it does mean we have to accept that you may enjoy living in the same house on the same street for 20 years but he may need to spend a lot of time out of the house. The biggest mistake we make is that we presume what is important to us is also important to everyone, and this is simply not true. Our individual needs shape the person we are and to survive in a relationship we have to accept difference as part of the package.

By far the best thing to do is learn to understand yourself first; you are wasting time and energy by running around like a headless chicken trying to understand other people if you don't know yourself. If we could all concentrate on satisfying our inner self, the world would be a much better place. If you are constantly being distracted by other people you are running away from something, it is not healthy to constantly put other people's needs before your own. 

What I want to make clear is that even if you have a highly stressed Moon, you can find ways to deal with it. The most important thing to recognise is that it is your Moon, your emotions, and therefore your shit to deal with. Insecurity is nothing to be ashamed of, but at the same time, you cannot expect your partner to provide constant reassurance. If we have a stressed Moon, it is easy to make mountains out of molehills and expect the worst. Fear of abandonment is a lunar issue, as is paranoia and a whole host of other things. If you have emotions that get out of control or get you into hot water, then find a therapist. Deal with it, learn to love yourself, find peace. We all have unconscious patterns that overwhelm us from time to time. We are programmed from birth, and it can be hard unknotting things if you have no conscious memory of the events that lead you to react the way that you do. 

Banner Art © Leonid Tishkov.