Venus Through The Houses

1st - You are likely to be concerned about your physical appearance. The sign will modify how you want to be seen, but you are unlikely to be complacent about how you present yourself. You may also have an above average need for compliments. It is said that Venus conjunct the ascendant makes for an attractive personality (think Aphrodite/Adonis personified).

2nd - Venus is at home in this house, and it can increase the need to possess beautiful things. At some stage in life, there needs to be time spent in deep consideration of values, art, beauty, and possessions. Money should flow, and Venus here may need to guard against hoarding for the sake of it, but antiques could benefit in more ways than one.  

3rd - Communication will be important and with Venus here you can use it as a guide to how you relate to those around you. You could have a love of books or learning in general, and you may value a good education. Brothers and sisters may bring love but also rivalry.

4th - The house of our roots. Venus in the 4th can indicate that you cherish your past and your family roots; family will certainly hold a lot of feeling for good and bad. You may also find more comfort when you are settled and not moving around. Putting money into bricks and mortar will benefit you emotionally as well as financially.

5th - The house of love, romance, and creativity. This Venus should have a burning urge to make things, and it doesn't matter if it's babies, a visual masterpiece, or a novel. The most important thing here is that this Venus is given room to create. Very warm nature, and should be good with children unless Venus is badly afflicted. A love of art.  

6th - Being of service to others will bring enormous satisfaction. There could be rivalry in the workplace, but obviously, it depends on the environment. The beauty industry would be only one area suited to this placement; work, in general, will matter to you and it is vital that you love the job that you are doing otherwise your self-esteem will suffer. 

7th - Relationships of all kinds are going to be given a lot of time and energy. You may attract a partner that expresses your Venus for you, and you may also attract jealousy and envy from others. Sometimes there's a feeling of needing to be seen as the most attractive option which could ultimately lead to love triangles. 

8th - Passion will run deep, and fidelity is crucial to keep trust for this Venus, don't ever believe they would forgive an indiscretion. Desire is the keyword here. Traditional interpretation says that sex could be on the mind a lot with Venus here; they may see sex as a weapon to get what they want, and they may also be prone to lust.
9th - Travel and philanthropy are the food of love for Venus in the 9th. Higher education may also be of great value, or they may constantly attract lovers from foreign shores. This Venus may place a high value on religion or alternative spirituality. 

10th - Business, career, and professional status. Whilst not the warmest of houses, this Venus needs to be able to direct passion into their work. They may well want to help a large number of people, and professions that allow them to "give their love to many" will be the most productive.

11th - Friends and ideals are likely to be valued more than family or everyday concerns. There could also be a constant striving for perfection in mankind, and they may find it difficult to tolerate failings. Can be visionary if other chart factors back it up. 

12th - Venus can find difficulty in expression here, but institutions such as hospitals and prisons would benefit greatly from workers with this placement. Love takes place behind the scenes and at a very deep level, it is more important to connect on a deep-feeling level than a practical one.

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