Venus In the Signs

Venus shows us how we prefer to relate to others, this planet also has a say in what we are attracted to in others. Venus shows what we like give to others...and what we value. Venus is not all about the lighter prettier aspects, and if this part of us is provoked negatively, we can unleash some very destructive energies. Venus is by nature a little bit possessive..because our Venus values matter to us deeply; we value the things we want to hold onto so it makes sense that we would protect our investment regardless of whether that investment is a person or material goods. The myths of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and/or Roman Goddess Venus can give much more symbolic information to the nature of planet Venus and how it operates in the birth chart. 

If you are a woman and your Venus is badly aspected you could find it difficult to be feminine the chances are you won't be a girly girl unless your Moon is strong enough to compensate. A man will be very attracted to women that embody the qualities of his Venus. 

Venus through the signs

Aries - Venus in Aries is focused on the moment and wants everything now. Very passionate and warm but can be prone to temper tantrums when too much sharing takes place. Independence needs to be honoured to get the best out of this Venus sign.  

Taurus - This is an easy sign for Venus as it has rulership over Taurus. It combines sensuality and comfort; a love of nature is likely and beautiful surroundings are a must to feel happy. The only downside is they are inclined to get in ruts and need coaxing out of their comfort zones every now and again.

Gemini - Communication is the best barometer for this Venus as silence is deadly; they need to talk, not in any great depth but they need chatter. Will not be moved by sensuality or passion but sharing intellectual stuff will have them burning inside. Can be prone to being flirty and fickle. 

Cancer - Sentimental sums up this placement well; very loyal and tender and has a dislike of emotional threats yet they are known to give them at times when security is threatened. Can be clingy but vulnerable too, need to be able to give and receive nurturing to be happy. 

Leo - Very dramatic, warm and artistic. Can be generous with their cash and their heart but has a tendency to be over demanding and self-centred at times. Will feel a need to show off their partner but if the partner is embarrassing in any way it won't last. This Venus does not like rejection at all.  

Virgo - Can be somewhat cool. Extremes in expression from harlot to nun. Needs mental stimulation as well as physical action or boredom will set in. Has a need to strive for perfection within the relationship and has to guard against being too picky with other people's flaws.

Libra - At times can be too quick to judge on appearances but generally very pleasant and encourages harmony when in a relationship. Strong ideals can be present, and they will hold off on commitment if they think someone better may come along. Needs beauty whether through art, fashion, or people.

Scorpio - Incredibly passionate and faithful with it, they prefer a little secrecy and will not sit comfortably if you discuss their business in the open. They can be possessive and envious at times, and you will invoke some poisonous responses if you piss them off, especially if you are sexually involved with them.  

Sagittarius - Normally won't commit very easily. A need to retain some independence and can't stand being fenced in mentally. Some say they are prone to infidelity, but I'd say it depends on the level of respect; they can be trusted if both parties are honest and open. They won't tolerate hypocrites.

Capricorn - Commitment matters to this Venus and although they can be slow to trust they are genuinely serious about love; they have no time for light-hearted relating and may come across as self-contained or even indifferent. The truth is they only really get involved with those they care about and have no time for small talk.
Aquarius - Needs emotional space from time to time and has to feel free at all times or they will run for the hills. Original and easy going but inclined to be promiscuous before they settle. Sarcasm is seen as a valid form of humour and sometimes you just don't seem to know them at all. Surprisingly, they can get jealous. 

Pisces - Very dreamy and idealistic, will tend to see others through rose tinted glasses until later on in life. Always wants to see the best in people, frequently willing to give another chance. Soft and sensitive, and will be compassionate to those around. Must learn not to sacrifice too much to make the other happy. 

Banner art © Paul Delvaux