The Sun in the Houses

The house in which the Sun sits is the area of life you can gain a sense of purpose. The all important search-for-meaning can be partially shown by the placement of the Sun because the Sun represents the core self. If we keep the core self happy, we have a better chance of keeping the rest of our self content. The core self is the voice that speaks from the inside, the one that has always been there when you have quiet time. It is not usually the voice we hear when the emotions are frantic, nor is it the voice that can chatter loudly in our heads whilst we think we are thinking. 

1st - Your Sun here demands that you make your presence felt wherever you are;  you just can't seem to do inconspicuous. With the Sun in the 1st, it's like having to announce your arrival over and over again. Your appearance will be significant whether you're immaculately groomed or a self-styled hippy. It is the first house Suns that grab attention more than Leo. This need for attention comes from a very basic need for confirmation of life itself; there is no hidden agenda with it, no low self-esteem (unless indicated elsewhere), they just can't help it. Honour their presence and they'll calm down, but ignore them at your peril. Look at Mars in the natal chart for more answers about the mission of the Sun.

2nd - With the Sun in the 2nd there can be issues around self-worth, self-esteem, and personal values. Personal possessions help to increase their sense of self-worth and the 2nd house Suns genuinely need some level of material comfort before they can accept that they themselves have value. Regardless of the spiritual path, it is not good for this Sun to go without and give up everything because it would be working against the soul essence. By all means, acquire wealth and share among those less fortunate but do not try to kid yourself that money has no meaning. Look at Venus for more insight.

3rd - This is the home of communication. The person with their Sun in the 3rd house has to communicate; phone, fax, email, face to face, letters, it doesn't matter what medium is used so long as there is information being shared. They need to be out and about mixing with people. Brothers and sisters will be significant, and if they are an only child, they will struggle with being alone unless the daily life is kept active. There is a need to keep things light and friendly, and even a Scorpio Sun here will need regular human contact; this Sun is happier when the neighbours call in. If this person is silent there is something wrong; silence suffocates this person. The planet Mercury will reveal more behind the purpose of the Sun.

4th - This is traditionally the house of the home and roots. The Sun being here indicates a need for a home and also the need to create family and traditions. The 4th house holds memories that go back to the childhood and the Sun here says that the past will have to be revisited at some stage during life so that true inner peace can be gained. Some say the 4th shows the mother and some say the father, I've found it works in different ways for everyone, and you need to take each chart individually; although it frequently shows aspects of the upbringing and conditions in the early home environment. This is a private Sun that thrives within its own four walls; home security and safety are paramount, and this Sun may get very unsettled at the thought of moving. The Moon is a major factor in revealing the Solar mission.

5th - This is a strong place for the Sun, and it should give a sunny disposition and a positive inner light that can be relied upon in times of distress. There will be a natural ability to perform for others, and they may be quick to tell jokes or laugh at the bad ones. This is not likely to be a quiet person unless other chart factors add stress to the Sun. Drama classes could help if self-esteem is a problem and the importance here is to honour the sense of personal self-expression. Creativity can be an excellent way to express the life force; drawing and painting could bring satisfaction. Children can also be a big source of inspiration to this person.

6th - Work is necessary to help this Sun to shine, more importantly, we have a need to acquire and share skills that enable the work to be done. Because the 6th house has connections to mind/body health the 6th house Sun would do well in careers such as nursing and alternative therapies but especially homeopathy and herbalism. Attention to detail will feature somewhere in the work, and there will be a need to keep things flowing efficiently. Perfectionism will be present if other chart factors back it up and this person will need to feel useful to feel worthy. Mercury will give more insight into the mission of the Sun.

7th - Traditionally the house of the other; when the Sun is here it can indicate that the person identifies very strongly with other people. The partner can be the main focus throughout life for some. Battles could be fought for individuality if other chart factors are not so accommodating. This placement does not mean that you have to sacrifice your own happiness for others, but it does mean you may have a lot of relating to do. Venus in the birth chart will have more answers, but it is extra important with this placement that you don't project onto others, you will find it so much easier to see the good in them and leave yourself behind. Recognise that you too have a light to shine.

8th - The house of sex, death, and shared resources. Okay, the Sun here demands depth and exploration of mysteries; if this mission is declined, it generally manifests as an individual that cannot move past base desires such as lust. Psychology and other forms of behavioural study could hold a fascination for those born with the Sun in the 8th, but the occult could also be an attraction. It is important to connect with the darker side of life to understand it. You don't have to live it out, but you do need to explore it. Detective work would suit the inner nature, also research and even working with the terminally ill. Pluto will give more details about this Sun and its particular area of focus. 

9th - This is the house of philosophy and expanding the mind. Activities that fire the soul are belief, religion, and matters of perception. If physical travel is not an option, then this individual is roaming the galaxies from the comfort of home. It is more important for the 9th house Sun to get a grasp of the bigger picture, although attention to detail may be needed elsewhere in the chart. This Sun has no time for specifics; it wants to be out there telling all about his amazing finds. Generally, this person is open-natured especially if the Sun is a fiery one. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th so there could be a slightly larger than life personality hiding behind the Sun, look at the planet Jupiter for additional information on the personal mission.

10th - This house is primarily concerned with status and how we want to be seen in the eyes of society. This is the other parental house, and like the 4th it can symbolise the mother or father depending on the individual. The Sun here needs to feel as though they are recognised for who they feel they truly are; fame will be sought by some whereas others will just want to hit the top of the corporate ladder or be the boss of the shop floor. A 10th house Sun that does not have an aim will feel pretty low, and it will ultimately damage their self-esteem. The house that holds Saturn is a key to all of this, and the discipline that it offers will need to be utilised.

11th - The 11th is more to do with friendship, long-term ideals, and humanitarianism. The Sun here will find comfort if they have a group to identify with, there has to be something to focus on other than the self. The 11th can give some impractical ideas, but at the same time, it is the creative vision of the 11th that gives us something to work towards. Astrology is an 11th house activity as are animal rights, human rights, and Greenpeace. The 11th house Sun may need friends and associates more than most. Uranus in the birth chart will show a good deal more information as to the exact nature of the kind of group one needs to be in. 

12th - This house is deeply hidden and is the place of the collective unconscious. People with the Sun here will quite naturally pick up on the undercurrents of society. Many with a heavy 12th house will work in institutions, hospitals and other places where there are large groups of people relying on services. There can be a call to sacrifice the life for a higher purpose with the Sun here; many will have strong connections to religion or other types of faith. The core self needs to surrender to something higher and experience the connection with all that is invisible. Neptune will reveal more about this, but the 12th house and Neptune are both naturally elusive. The 12th represents what is usually hidden and as such can indicate careers working behind the scenes in some way.