Aspects to the Sun

Moon - A positive aspect here will help the heart and soul connection; feelings should be easy to integrate. Negative aspects can cause conflict between emotion and doing what one wants to do or in becoming who one wants to be. Sometimes hard aspects between the Sun and the Moon can show parental conflict at the time of birth and even separation between the parents. 

Mercury - Can never be more than 28 degrees away from the Sun, in the same sign it helps to express the solar self, but if the conjunction is exact it can hinder objective thinking. If Mercury is in a different sign to the Sun, read up on the sign qualities to see how you communicate compared to who you are at your core. 

Venus - Doesn't ever get too far from the Sun and therefore no harsh aspects occur. If it's in a different sign to the Sun the love expression will be different to the basic temperament. If Venus is in conjunction with the Sun, it will add warmth to the character, but laziness may be an issue at times. Gives a love of luxury.

Mars - Sun/Mars contacts add energy and drive. Hard aspects need careful handling but can give extra determination and more constructive uses. The only problem with easy aspects is that the individual finds it too easy to channel the energy and maybe won't use it as well as someone who has to work that bit harder. A trine from Mars to the Sun gives natural vitality for the body. Those with Sun/Mars in conjunction can be forceful and aggressive, but if the energy is channelled well, they can be inspiring leaders.

Jupiter - Magnifies the personality for good and bad, can be jovial and optimistic, may like to gamble but should be lucky unless the combination is receiving negative aspects from elsewhere.

Saturn - Can be very restrictive on the character yet it also gives discipline and makes it easier for the person to get on out there in society. A father complex could be present or issues around how the male essence should be expressed. Needs to guards against rigidity and coldness.

Chiron - Indicates a wound around the male principle. Easy aspects will make it harder to spot the damage, and the hard aspects could be all too aware of painful wounds from the childhood, but the wound is around Dad not Mum or at least the masculine form if not directly connected to the flesh and blood father. 

Uranus - Livewire aspects; inventive and unique, restless and erratic. Those with the easy aspects should find others to be more receptive to their vibe, but those with the hard aspects could encounter more difficulty from others as the energy will have a more jagged edge and could be hard to integrate into life without a struggle.

Neptune - Mystical and receptive but even easy aspects clash as the direct, masculine solar energy is dampened by the elusive energy of Neptune. This can be channelled creatively; makes a good actor, artist, or musician.

Pluto - Intense and secretive, very strong presence. Can be healing and transformative in nature or use it for negative reasons and be controlling and manipulative. 

Banner Art © Vladimir Kush