The New Moon in Transit

As the Sun travels through each zodiac sign, at some point during the month we have a new Moon in that sign; there are two main ways we can utilise the energy;

i)    We can use the sign energy in a general way, so if the new Moon is in Libra we can make an effort to get all contracts/negotiations finalised, and we can re-balance our relationships with others.

ii)   We can apply it directly to out birth chart and whichever house it is in we can focus on that area. Any planets that are aspected by the New Moon will be particularly relevant.

We all get those times when we want to do something but can't because something else is just completely dominating our time, astrology says the chances are the new Moon has activated something and because we are astrological driven we end up with little choice but to follow the direction. If we ignore the opportunity we may find that we have more problems, more obstacles - things just don't go in the direction that we want them to. You’ll probably find that your response to each new Moon is different and it's easy enough to predict the ones you are more likely to have problems with if you know the areas in your chart that are more difficult to express than others. The most important thing to remember is the new Moon in any house initiates a call to action and marks the beginning of a new cycle.

1st - A chance to revamp your image or update your wardrobe. This is the time to change your appearance if you're getting sick of yourself or just feeling a little dated. If you've been trying to get others to see you differently, you should find that the new Moon in your 1st house helps considerably in making that happen. Preparations here will help for a smoother transit through the next house. You may find that your appearance is noticed more by others at this time. How you feel about how you look is also important, and if you're unhappy, it may end up showing in the clothes you wear. 

2nd - This house governs self-worth and what we value in life. The previous house is a confidence builder, but it is here that we see if our efforts have paid off. If the new Moon in this house signals the time when you start to feel shit about yourself you've probably failed in your efforts to make the most of how you present yourself. If this new Moon has exposed a lack of self-esteem, then you need to have another look at whether the mask you wear is conflicting with your needs on an inner level. Now is a good time to sort through your possessions, check insurance policies and consider buying things that will hold or increase their value over a period of time, such as antiques or shares. 

3rd - Communication and the neighbourhood are the concerns of the 3rd, and this includes short journeys and siblings. The new Moon here could mark an increase in communication between you and your siblings/neighbours, or you may find you have to make more short journeys within your local environment. It is usually at this time we think about moving if we are unhappy at home. If our environment is not conducive to further development, we can find flaws more easily and notice the things we are missing. The 3rd also rules early schooling, and if you have children of this age, it's possible you'll have more contact with their school.

4th - The home itself - but also our past/family roots. This is a very private house, and we could find ourselves desiring seclusion or we may want more time at home to spend with our nearest and dearest. We could feel the urge to do some redecorating and moving house is possible if other transits back it up. We can often want to shift furniture around or have a good spring clean regardless of the time of year. There is a possibility that you could spend some time reminiscing about the past and even your upbringing as the new Moon stirs deeply buried feelings that need to come up for an airing.

5th - This house offers some time out and enjoyment. The 5th is the domain of creativity, children, and favourite pastimes, so we have a chance just to do what we love; it's the yearly holiday for the soul. If you are not particularly creative, then do whatever else makes your heart sing or maybe just spend more time with children. We should find it is easier to do as we please and it's possible that if we have a heavy time at work, we will not have the usual incentive to push harder unless, of course, work is also your passion in which case you should do just fine!

6th - Health - but of the mind, body, and spirit. If you have neglected yourself, you will become more aware of how and where you need to improve. We can find that we become more exacting when the 6th house is accentuated and we may demand more of our self than usual. The new Moon in this house is all about having a bit of a brush-up; it's time for the organisation of our lifestyle, and the new Moon here says that we need to take care of the finer or minor details. Make sure this energy doesn't get out of hand; it'll be too easy to obsess over things that really aren't important at all. Improving efficiency and checking the small print are the goals. 

7th - Relationships between couples and also known enemies; for some of you, it will be one and the same. Our time could be taken up with our partner and negotiations look likely. It could be almost impossible to get time for yourself, the energy available now is for the "others" in your life. Time spent relating with people will pay off in the next house, so work towards establishing harmony. If you need to reconcile with someone, then the new Moon here can be a huge blessing. If you're selfish now, you will have a harder time navigating the 8th because the support you need just won't be there.

8th - Sex, death, shared resources, and intimacy. If you failed in your efforts with the new Moon that occurred in the 7th, it could be a month of no sex or a visible lack of balance with shared finances, and it'll be harder to reach agreement about anything. On the other hand, if you've been very good then you should find your bond with your significant other deepens at this time and you’ll manage to establish a stronger sense of trust. Shared resources will be divided fairly, and you will be able to avoid any power struggles. It is rarely a time of physical death but a time for having a transformation of sorts that leads to the emergence of a more powerful you. This is the month to be deep and meaningful. 

9th - Perspectives and Visions. This is the time to broaden your horizons and if you can physically travel you will get great satisfaction from absorbing the energies of other cultures and places. If you have to stay home, you can read up on different philosophies and religions to expand your mind. The new moon here gives the time to broaden your perspective on life and look for meaning in everything. The 9th house is about having a grasp of the whole, so resist the temptation to get too technical with anything that grabs your attention. We need to see the whole forest here and not the leaves on the tree.

10th - Your social status and long-term career options are under the spotlight. You could get a promotion or have realisations about the path you need to take. You are likely to be more seriously minded and responsible. This house has strong connections to doing what needs to be done regardless of your own wants and desires. If you have bosses, they will notice you more, and at the very least you should get more feedback about your performance. If you are out of work, you could still be recognised for what you do. If you're a stay at home parent, then your parenting skills could be noticed by those in the big wide world. Whatever your main "job" is in life it'll be shining for all to see - good and bad alike. 

11th - Dreams and ideals will take the focus but whether you get to instigate any great deed for humanity will depend on the actual work you do. Our ideals are often unobtainable, and we may have to rethink our future goals to fit in with current circumstances. The social injustices that make our blood boil are likely to be all over the news or at least that’s how it feels. Friendships may assume greater significance, or you may find a group you want to involve yourself with. This is a good time to actually join a club or make new friends; those shared goals are the key to contentment now.

12th The house of the unborn. It's difficult to say what outer events will be occurring because the 12th is more to do with your own sleep state. You may well need more sleep this month as it's your annual hibernation period. Your dreams could be more prophetic and shallow talk will do nothing for you as you search for all that is deeper. The 8th house has a more psychological slant whereas the 12th is mystical and formless, it is full Moons and candlelight and the dark hours could seem much more attractive than the glare of the Sun.   

Banner art © Tomek Sętowski